L.A baby

when my best friend and i ur sleves in L.A for the year ...........


4. arrival


we will be landing soon please fasten your seat belts i was so excited for the warm sun and gorguse town i couldent wait i hear the sound and step out with kaylee by my side i couldent believe it we were in L.A!!!!!!!!!  we bought 3 thousand dollars each we figured 6000 is losts for tthe two of us our first idea as we stepped out of the plane was SHOPPING! we go find our hotel ( rockers inn) and settle down its about lunch time and we are quite hungry so we grab a bit to eat while we were out we saw TAYLOR SWIFT  JUST WALKING DOWN THE STREET  i couldent believe my eyes taylor swift no more than 20 ft away from me but i dident scream her name cuz she would be srrounded in seconds so kaylee and i pay the bill and follow her we see her meet up with all sorts of famous people    thats when our next mission hit us we MUST find justin bieber (for kaylee ) and taylor launter  (for mee )  as  but first we have to go shopping we hit everystore we dident even spend alot maby 200 dollars each witch isent bad for two teenage girls any way we headed back to the hotel because it was getting late and we have to call our moms 





i call my mom and i cant hold it back i have to tel her wheree we are so i do " mom we are in l.a we took a diffrent plane because we wanted to be here please dont be mad ' my mom replys ' its okay your old enough to make your owne choices ' yaya i love you mom i said excitydley  all my mom said is she wants a call every two days becasue if not i am comming righ back home  i cant believe she let me stay

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