Arranged Marriage

Sara Khan has to marry her enemy Zayn Malik from One direction!! They both HATE each other a lot! And Zayn is still dating Perrie Edwards.... While Sara HATESSS any kind of boy (Except her dad and brother)! How will these 2 learn to love each other?! But the real question is... Will they?


1. Chappie 1

Sara's POV :
It was another boring school day. I'm 17 years old and I have a lot of friends at
school but I just HATE learning with a passion. Im not stupid, I'm fairly smart but
I dislike learning.
Let me introduce myself:
My name is Sara Khan
I'm 17 years old
Popular but not obsessed about it
I have a mom, dad, an older brother and a little sister which we adopted (her
parents were murdered in front of her own eyes and she is sometimes really
depressed about it)
I am skinny but not anorexic (I loveeeeeee playing sports)
I have dark brown, thick, straight, long and shiny hair
I have dark brown eyes
I'm white for a brown person
I'm 5'5
I love going out, eating, shopping, playing sports, talking, and fooling around
like any other teenage girl
I HATE boys with a passion. They just irritate me for some odd reason
I am a nice and caring person
My perfect date would be going to an amusement park or a scary house! <--- I
know.. I'm weird
My fav music artists are Ariana Grande, Katy perry, ke$ha, one direction,
Rihanna, and some rap
I only like one directions songs....not the people!
I'm rich but i dont bragg about it like those other attention seeking brats!
My fantastical mother woke me up and i ran to the bathroom really fast. I
brushed my teeth, took a shower, put my clothes on (batman shirt with a black
cardigan, skinny ripped black jeans with black converse shoes), I then put on
some makeup (eyeliner, natural eyeshadow, mascara, concealer, lip gloss), I
then put some perfume on (light perfume..i hate strong perfumes).
I made my way downstairs and i saw my 19 year old brother, my 7 year old little
sister, and my mom in the kitchen. My dad already left for work, we have 15
Domino Pizza stores.

This is not my story but I asked permmission to the real author :) The real story is on Wattpad :)
mehak786 <~~~~~ Go Fan Her!!!! She's agood author <3

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