Hour Zero

This is my first Movella, so I'm kind of excited to see how it goes. This is a story that follows Samuel Mason, who is a Lieutenant in the military, and his team on a Snatch and Grab mission. Before they can even land, their helicopter (which is more of a very large troop transport) gets shot down and they become trapped. Deep in enemy territory, the team struggles to finish the mission and escape alive.


4. Position Compromised

     Back at our camp Ashley was in command of everyone. Her and the others there are completely unaware of Major Johnson's death. Ashley is a very likeable person; her smile practically sparkles in the slightest light, her face glows, and her emotions are contagious. If she's happy, so are those around her, but if she's sad it brings down everyone's mood. She's even a natural born leader, with some of the highest scores anyone has ever had from the academy. I guess you could say I envy her...maybe even like her.

     "Alright everyone, listen up! We managed to save enough ammo for each of us to get three clips, one in the gun and two spares. We'll have to conserve ammo, treat this like every round you fire will make you owe me a million bucks..." There wasn't much to really do as of now for her to order. The group should move out, but until my group and I get back they can't go anywhere. One of the soldiers in the group, a Lance Corporal, began to freak out under all the pressure. "Three clips per person! We are against an army out there and you expect us to survive against it with three clips?!" "Well, if you just would calm down..." Ashley began to walk towards the scared man, trying to keep him from yelling so loud. The man just had a short chuckle and began his fear induced rant, "Calm down...CALM DOWN?! I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!", he pulls out his pistol and moves in a circle, aiming at everyone, then puts it up to his temple. "How can I calm down when we are outnumbered fifty to one! How can I calm down when nearly half of us are dead! If I just pulled the trigger it would be all over for me!"

     Ashley immediately grabbed the Lance Corporals arm and tossed the gun aside and slugs him right in the gut hard as she could, then grabs him by the collar of his shirt, "You are NOT doing that! What would the Major do if he were here? He'd have knocked out half your teeth for acting like this, be happy I'm more forgiving! We are going to make it through this, all of us, understand!" Just then, as he opened up his mouth ready to speak again, a bullet went through his temple. Blood went everywhere, splattering itself across Ashley's face. She just held him for a moment, time seemed to slow. She stared in to his now lifeless eyes in disbelief, then dropped his body and jumps to the nearest cover screaming.

     "SNIPER! Everyone get to cover, our position is compromised!" The group looks over to her and sees the Lance Corporals dead body, immediately grabbing their rifles they dive to the nearest cover they can. They begin firing blindly in to the surrounding area, oblivious to where the enemy actually is. Ashely begins to scream out orders, "Hold your fire, HOLD YOUR FIRE!", but no one listens. A medium sized force comes over the hill screaming in unity, charging to battle with their guns blazing. The soldiers in Ashley's unit begin dropping left and right, while most of her unit cannot fire back as they already used all their ammo without a single confirmed hit. She just shouts for all of them to take cover until they get close enough for a knife or side arm, so they try and listen.

     As this is happening Dolton, Wilks, and myself come over the hill to the horrible sight. The unit we had left with some stability and gathering back together a mere hour ago, was now scattered again almost using each others dead bodies for cover. The three of us run to the group, firing from behind them. We manage to take down a lot of them before they realize the shots killing them are coming from behind, which starts a panic in them. They all turn to try and fire on us, which Ashley notices right away. Without a word she pops up from her cover and starts firing her own weapon at the now vulnerable group, and others who haven't yet wasted their ammo follow her example. Soon the enemy force is dwindled down to only a few members, though so is my own. The enemy retreats to the right and we try to stop them, but they get away. As we gather back up, we realize a troubling truth; There is now only nine of us remaining, nine against an army. Ashely runs up to me giving me a hug, nearly in tears.

     None of us speak, the others just go around collecting the tags of our deceased...or the ones they can anyway. I look to Ashley and speak to her, breaking the silence.

 "We have to go..."

 "Wait, where's the major?"

     I couldn't bare look her in the eyes, I turn away and wince, "He's...he's dead. He was killed by a mine." I took out his tags and held them up, then put them back in to my pocket. That was it, all the hope she had left disappeared at that moment I could see it leave her eyes. We had to go now though, wouldn't be long until the enemy returns in force. I ordered everyone to gather what they could and meet up on me, so they did...still not speaking. I just nudged my head forward and began walking, so they followed. Nine soldiers against an army...may god help us.

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