Hour Zero

This is my first Movella, so I'm kind of excited to see how it goes. This is a story that follows Samuel Mason, who is a Lieutenant in the military, and his team on a Snatch and Grab mission. Before they can even land, their helicopter (which is more of a very large troop transport) gets shot down and they become trapped. Deep in enemy territory, the team struggles to finish the mission and escape alive.


8. Mission Commenced

     Reyes struggled to stay awake while Ashley worked on him, while the rest of us held him down. She removed the splint to ensure that no infection was starting, then used some of her water from her canteen to clean the wound and secured the splint again, though this time it was better than the rushed job Wilks and I had done.

     “Okay, this is all we can do with what we have available,” Ashley said as she got up wiping her forehead “so this will have to do. Sam, he can’t go anywhere in this condition, so since I am the most medically trained of us that I should stay here with him while you guys go and complete the mission. I think that Henderson should stay here too, just in case. When you all return he should be okay to move, and we can get the hell out of here.”

     I nod in agreement, and walk over to the cave entrance, “Okay, the Sergeant Major will remain here with you and Reyes while the remainder of our unit completes the mission. Everyone else, gather your gear, we move out in five!” Henderson walks over to Ashley, and the two sit down near Reyes while everyone else gets ready. Before long, we are all set and ready to head out. Henderson speaks up just as we are about to walk out, “Good luck, sir. We may be down, but we aren’t out...not yet.” I smile at Henderson’s remark and nod, then I lead the others out heading to the target.

     After a long hike, we take a momentary break. “How much farther is it,” Private Stone was no doubt growing weary of this entire mission, after losing her fiancé and everything else that’s happened, “Not sure how much longer I can keep going like this.”

     “Well, it should only be another mile or so out if I’m not mistaken. You can make it through Kassy, stick it out and you’ll be fine, we all will. Make the best of this rest, it’s the last one we get, cause once we reach the target location we won’t have the time for rest.”

     “Okay sir...”

     “Alright, good. Now then, once we get within eyesight of the village we will observe it, study enemy movements and numbers. We will then form a plan of attack based on what we see, understand?”

     Specialist White speaks up just then, “Sir, shouldn’t we at least have a basic plan now, or an outline of it, then alter it when we see what we’re up against?”

     “We probably should, but we don’t have the slightest clue what the area is like or what we are up against at all. We lost all of our intel in the crash, as well as our connection with HQ, so until we see the target area for ourselves we can’t even make a temporary plan.”

     “I see...okay, then until we see for ourselves I suppose...”

     The time for our break is up, and I stand up getting in front of everyone. “Okay, lets move it. One final push to the target zone, then we form a plan and finish this. Who-rah!” My short grunt gets repeated by the others, “Who-rah!”, and we pick back up our equipment and head out. Nearly a full 24 hours has passed since we crashed, and finally we are carrying out the mission we have been assigned...our mission is finally commencing.

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