Hour Zero

This is my first Movella, so I'm kind of excited to see how it goes. This is a story that follows Samuel Mason, who is a Lieutenant in the military, and his team on a Snatch and Grab mission. Before they can even land, their helicopter (which is more of a very large troop transport) gets shot down and they become trapped. Deep in enemy territory, the team struggles to finish the mission and escape alive.


2. Crashing Dark

     We all got loaded up with our regular equipment and went to the hanger. We got some additional intel there, like what kind of force we'd be up against. According to what we were told, the enemy had resorted to hiring mercenaries. This wasn't good at all, some mercenaries have better training under their belts than even the best soldier. Heck, some of them are even ex-soldiers. Good thing we shouldn't have to worry about that much, seeing as how we won't be in that long. Our target is deep in the enemy territory, in some large village. All civilians have been evacuated by their military, so we won't have to worry about collateral damage. We finished our additional briefing and got on to the chopper. It's time to head out...lets just get this over with.

     Out the hanger we went, flying to the target area about 60 mikes away from us. We all just made small talk like we usually do. After a while of just listening, I guess Jason noticed I wasn't talking. "Hey, Sam, what do you think of all this? Think we have a mole in our operation. I mean how else could the enemy have gotten all that information on us." I answered him calmly, but we all knew the truth. There had to be someone on the inside, giving up all our intel, probably a mercenary seeing as how they'd do anything if they're paid enough. "I'm not sure Corporal. Lets just worry about the mission at hand, eh?" Guess that satisfied him, seeing as how he continued talking to the others. I wasn't in the mood for much conversation...something was off about this mission, I could just feel it. As we reached a few miles out, the Major stood up giving his routine speech.

     "The life we lead is a hard one, and not one of us goes through this kind of life without regrets. The actions we take on the field defines who we are, not the actions we take at camp. As a result of the actions we have carried out, people have died by our hands...and if you aim the gun at someone, you better be ready to take a life cause they sure has hell won't hesitate to take yours! Always remember though, this isn't all about killing. This is about loyalty, honor, and saving innocent lives. Because of the mission we are about to carry out we are gonna save not just the lives of our brother and sisters back at camp, but also the lives of every man and women in service! Who-rah!"

     "Who-rah!" We all shouted back, nice short and load, just like he did. The Major got ready to sit back down but the chopper suddenly shifted, making him fall over. "What the hell are you pilots doing?!" The pilots didn't answer for a moment, and then we heard the sound of rockets flying past the chopper....then we realized we are under attack. "Major Johnson, sir! We are taking heavy fire by enemy AA encampments surrounding the village! Not sure how much---" At that moment a rocket hit the front of the chopper with dead accuracy, and we started spinning out of control. The Major commanded us to brace ourselves, but that was kind of common sense at this point. After a few minutes of spinning wildly, we crashed in a nearby river. We didn't hear gunfire anymore, nothing at all actually. We gathered back together, cut up and bloody, scavenging what we could. Both pilots were dead along with a few other soldiers in the chopper with us, so we collected what was left of their tags and left their bodies. A search party will arrive soon to make sure everyone is dead, so we had to get out of there immediately. Luckily for us we had so much adrenaline pumping through us because of the crash we couldn't feel any pain...yet. I was right to worry about this mission, because right now we couldn't be in a worse situation.

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