Hour Zero

This is my first Movella, so I'm kind of excited to see how it goes. This is a story that follows Samuel Mason, who is a Lieutenant in the military, and his team on a Snatch and Grab mission. Before they can even land, their helicopter (which is more of a very large troop transport) gets shot down and they become trapped. Deep in enemy territory, the team struggles to finish the mission and escape alive.


3. Change of Command

     "Alright everybody! Check your weapons, ammo, and all your other gear! Those of you who have medical training tend to the more seriously wounded, and those with only minor wounds just tough it out, we don't have enough supplies to go around." Major Johnson was taking full command, as expected, though not sure how much good these orders would do. Half an hour after we officially arrived in the enemy hot zone, and we already look like we've been through hell and back. An eighth of our force died in the crash, we have less than a tenth of our original supplies, many of us have serious injuries like broken bones and the sort like that, and all of us are cut up, bruised, and bleeding.

     Just then one of the more seriously injured men went in to shock, probably because he was missing half his leg and was bleeding profusely. His adrenaline wore off, and he was finally feeling all the pain he should have been feeling for the past ten minutes. Me and a few of the others tried to hold him down while one of the medics gave him the last of our pain killers. He got really cold and started to fall asleep, so I tried to slap him to keep him up....if he fell asleep he was going to die for sure. One of the other soldiers pointed out his femoral artery was severed, as if we hadn't noticed the incessant bleeding. He stopped trembling...breathing...and I couldn't feel his heart beat anymore. The soldier had died, so I collected his tags and continued going around seeing what could be done. I noticed a Private shaking in the corner, no major injuries she was just scared was all.

     "Hey, what's wrong?" I tried to comfort her, smiling gently. She just kept shaking and stammered with her speech.

     "That man over there who just bled out, the one you just tried to save...he was my fiance. We were getting married next time we were both on leave, about a week from now."

     "I'm...so sorry. There's nothing that you could have done, right now the best thing we can do is make sure his death wasn't in vein and we complete this mission." I take out her fiance's dog tags and hand them to her, "He'd want you to make it through this, so try and stay level headed...I'll make sure you get it through this. What's your name anyway, private?"

     "Kassandra...Private Kassandra Stone...and thanks." She tries to fake a smile but it's easy to tell she forced it. I got called over by the Major, hopefully with a plan of action. We can't stay here, we're still too close to the crash site. "What is it Major?" I went up to him ready to go to attention, but he didn't seem much in the formalities type of mood so I stayed at ease.

     "Lieutenant, few of us are in actual fighting condition and many of us are dead or dying. We need to know what we are really up against out here. So you, Sergeant Wilks, Specialist Dolton, and myself are going to go scouting seeing as how we are among the few able bodied soldiers left. Lieutenant Ashley will be in charge during our absence. Now gather your gear, we leave in five." There was worry in his voice, sorrow in his eyes. That wasn't good, I've never seen the man like this. Nonetheless I did as I was ordered and grabbed my gear, then met up with the small unit.

     Off we went, scouting ahead to try and find a more secure place to make base of operations and to see what we are up against here. No speaking now, just hand signs and signals. We passed many enemy search parties, no doubt looking for us. This entire situation was bad, I could already tell by how many we passed that we are hopelessly outnumbered. Maybe a half hour passed, and still nothing of importance noticed. We were all moving slowly and low through a low marsh when we heard a click sound. Immediately we began looking around and saw nothing, but the Major wasn't moving. His face was almost white, and he looked like he'd seen a ghost.

     "Mason...you're leader of the mission now, I'm sorry." Everyone looked at him with fear, confused as to what he meant. "Sir? What do you---" "I've stepped on a mine...if I so much a twitch we all blow up. I need you all to get away from me, now. But be careful, there's more out here for sure. It's been an honor serving with all of you, may you guys get out of here in one piece." He removes his tags and hands them to me, we're all nearly in tears. Each of us has served with this man for the past year under his command, and now he's just...gone.

     We didn't question him, I pocketed his tags and we all moved ourselves away from him. Soon after we lost sight of him we heard a large explosion followed by the shouts of the enemy moving in towards it. Just when I thought things couldn't get worse, Major died leaving me and the commanding officer...I"m no leader! I have no choice though, I hold rank over everyone else and thereby it's by duty to lead everyone out of here and complete the mission in the process. First, however, we have to get back to the others alive.

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