Life of a Soldier

Noël Lucky Chevalier was a soldier serving in Napoleons arm in the 1800s. This is his journey through several campaigns he fought.
This is my entry for the Historical Fiction Contest


7. (The Austrian War) February 29th, 1809

I was just going over all of my old stuff, and then I found this. It’s been numerous years; I haven’t really been fighting in any big battles because I’ve been on leave ever since my little girl, Aceline, was born. She was such a cutie pie. Soon after the birth of Aceline, Mary got dreadfully sick, she nearly died. It’s a long road to recovery, it’s been the longest time, and she’s still weak at times. I’m helping look after little Aceline and Christian, which has been… an adventure to say the least.

                So, now, several years later, I’m back. I’m reenergized, eager, and ready. I’m ready to show the world that Napoleon the best! I’ll keep track of everything in here, like before. Now, this journal is now for Christian and Aceline, incase if anything happens to me.


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