Life of a Soldier

Noël Lucky Chevalier was a soldier serving in Napoleons arm in the 1800s. This is his journey through several campaigns he fought.
This is my entry for the Historical Fiction Contest


13. June 27th, 1812

As I write, I’m in Russia. We invaded Russia on the 14th of June, so it’s been about 3 days. There are more than 600,000 of us soldiers! We were gathered up from the corners of Napoleon’s empire, it’s probably one of the biggest armies ever. No one can remember the last time there was an army this big; I’m honored to be a part of this army.

                The plan here is to pour in enough men to Russia, then the Russians will be forced to fight, and when they fight, we’ll defeat them!!

                At this point, we’re starting to make our way around Russia, to spread fear and stuff, you know?



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