Life of a Soldier

Noël Lucky Chevalier was a soldier serving in Napoleons arm in the 1800s. This is his journey through several campaigns he fought.
This is my entry for the Historical Fiction Contest


5. February 1st, 1806

Life is getting boring… I’m getting restless.  A month and a half later my leg is still hurt.  My arm still gets sore at times, but it’s a slow healing process.

I am home now, home with my darling Mary and Christian, the cutest boy around, I daresay.

I was right though, as soon as I came home and Mary saw me on those crutches she immediately told me to sit down and rest. For the past month it’s been the same old: “Sit down Noël, sit down and I’ll get you some tea.” I may no longer go about my regular activities with Mary around.

Yesterday I was playing with Christian in the afternoon, when one word came out of his mouth: “Daddy!” it was his first word. I am very proud of him. Christian keeps saying: “Daddy,” whenever he sees me. It melts my heart.

When Napoleon calls me back to fight, I’m going to be heartbroken to leave my family who I love so dearly.


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