Life of a Soldier

Noël Lucky Chevalier was a soldier serving in Napoleons arm in the 1800s. This is his journey through several campaigns he fought.
This is my entry for the Historical Fiction Contest


3. December 1st, 1805

Triumph! Triumph at last! Today I enjoyed marching around Vienne triumphantly! My heart leaps for joy, after weeks of battles, of fighting, it’s all paid off! Here’s the story:

On September 20th, 1805, Austria attacked Bavaria, which we used to control. On top of that, Russia united together with Austria. So, we all marched up into Europe. We were outnumbered, we all knew it. 2-1. It was a scary thought, really. I mean, some people say being outnumbered isn’t the end of the world, but technically it is.

But amidst all of this, Napoleon saw something the Austrians and the Russians overlooked, you see, Austria is on one side of the continent, and Russia on the other.  See where this is all going? Napoleon decided that we could attack the Austrians before the Russians could even get there! I would never have thought of that!

So, we ventured across Germany. We were to hit with mass force, catch them by surprise.

It took us less than 6 weeks to reach Danube, which is pretty good timing, we sure surprised ‘em good, though! We snuck in behind them, the Austrian General, General Karl Mack, had decided to fight back (not the smartest idea on his part). We fought them; we surrounded them, forcing them to surrender a few days later. It was Oct 19, when 27,000 of Mack’s men surrendered leaving Mack without any army, and it showed him right!

“I have destroyed the Austrian army simply by marching,” Napoleon brags.  I agree with him, I don’t recall doing anything too major. I’m glad to have Napoleon Bonaparte as my leader.

Might I add that this is a huge triumph? So triumphantly that we moved with great speed! All of us, 200,000 men in all, who are part of this army, literally ran as fast as we could across the country, 500 miles in all.

Even though we were excited, literally running across the country, it was grueling, hard on my feet. At night we would all sleep soundly, and then, we’d wake up early in the morning, pack up camp as fast as possible, and then continued our journey.  After 40 days of this pattern, we arrived here, in Vienna.

More to our triumph, we found the entire Emperor’s gardens and palaces empty… just for us! So now, after marching all day, I am pleased to say I’m sitting on the most comfortable chair in history, eating grapes and such. I could get used to this….

Sadly, rumor has it Napoleon thinks that we can fight one more battle… I’d rather not. I prefer this luxury. Christian, if you ever get to read this, I haven’t forgotten about you. In fact, I would pay anything for you and your beautiful Mom to join me at this moment.

But anyway, it’s getting late. I shall put away these grapes and find a place to sleep amidst these 200,000 sleeping wherever they can find room.


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