The Letters (Larry Fan Fiction)

Louis Tomlinson was the perfect boy. Soft hair with baby blue eyes. He's nothing anymore. Nothing but dead. That hazy image of Louis' suicide lingers in Harry's mind every second of everyday and he can't help but blame himself. What happens when he finds all of the letters that Louis had ever written him but never sent? The ones in the old shoe box underneath the bed that were never meant to be found...


4. Letter 4


 Dear Harry,

I just want to be normal.

I know you do too.

We've sacrificed being normal to chase our dreams.

You claim to love what you are now. That you love having so many people around you and that you love the person you've come to be.

But I know that deep down, you just want to go back to walking down the streets and being left alone. Go back to where you could look like a mess and nobody would care and not having to worry about what you do and say.

I can see it in your eyes.

You just want to be your own person. But you've changed too much.

If you'd rather be everyone else, then what's the point of trying to be you.

I miss the normal Harry. The old Harry. 

The one that swam against the current.

The one with the cheeky smile and curly hair.

The Harry that loved who he was even though he wasn't sure who that was yet.

You're with the crowd of people who've lost themselves.

And all I want is to bring you back. Back to the old you. Back to the Harry that loved himself and that loved me and loved everything else in between.

I'll get you back. I promise.

But as of now, you're not you.

I've run out of time to cast you a line because you're already too deep to be saved.

The waves have crashed down and drown you.

You swim along the current.

What a beautiful lie.

x Lou





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