The Letters (Larry Fan Fiction)

Louis Tomlinson was the perfect boy. Soft hair with baby blue eyes. He's nothing anymore. Nothing but dead. That hazy image of Louis' suicide lingers in Harry's mind every second of everyday and he can't help but blame himself. What happens when he finds all of the letters that Louis had ever written him but never sent? The ones in the old shoe box underneath the bed that were never meant to be found...


3. Letter 3


 Dear Harry,

You told me you loved me today.

I knew that you meant you loved me as a friend but the butterflies in my stomach wouldn't calm down. Just thinking about it know is making me tremble. I need to change the subject.

I kept looking at you today. More than usual. I noticed how tall you were. You've grown.

I actually found it funny.

It seems like just yesterday we were children. Playing together and laughing like we didn't have a care in the world. Fast forward and we're adults. 

I don't like it.

I don't want to grow up. 

Growing up means no more fun. No more fun means no more love. No more love means no more us. 

I used to like to think that there would be an us. And maybe - just maybe - for a second I believed it.

For a second I believed that we would be together.

We would have our own little family and we would be content. Nothing else would matter except us because we were each other's lives. We would grow old together. We would wobble down the streets when we went for walks and our canes would hold us up. Our canes and each other. And that was all we would ever need.

You're all I need, Harry.

Just you and me. We could run away. Run away out into the middle of no where. No one would find us and we wouldn't care. We would like it.

We would have a big house out in the country. A big yard and a tire swing hanging by a rope on one of the trees in the front. We would push each other all day and then come inside to dinner. We would sit in bed as we stared at the ceiling. And we would talk. Just talk until we drifted to our own lands, deep into sleep.

Early in the morning, we would wake up to the sunshine streaming through the curtains and pouring onto the sheets on the slept in bed. In my mind, we would be holding each other.

And as we lay there and stare at each other, I would take your hand and put it up to mine. Yours would be giant compared to mine and we would stifle laughs because of how hilarious we found it.

I would attempt to get up to make breakfast for us to share but you wouldn't let me.

You would hold on to me and beg me with your movements to get me to stay. You wouldn't speak. I would know what you meant.

Those green eyes of yours would get me to stay. 

And that's what we would do. Lay together as we listened to each other's heartbeats. They would blend together and create the perfect melody.

And I would love every second of it.

Every second of every day would be enjoyable because of you.

Tears are streaming down my face when I snap back into reality. The saddest smile is painted on my face. There's something terrifying about sad smiles. But I can't quite put my finger on it...

I should be going now. You should be home any minute now and the last thing I need is for you to get suspicious.

You said that I've been in my room a lot lately. I had no response.

See ya later...


Louis x


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