Blind and kidnapped?


3. Seceret

Jay's P.O.V

From my research, I've learned this girl has powers.Like she can tell if people are lying or not,she can feel footsteps from a mile away,and she can tell if somebody's about to strike.I guess that's why the team wanted her to join us on our missions.I still don't get why they had to pick a blind girl.I mean ,for god's sake, how are they supposed to send spy signals to her on the battle field?"Why do you keep following me, leave me alone!".That's my Que.Remember Jay,before you strike,clear you'r mind.She can tell if your going to strike when you think about it.Also,before you strike,ask her about herself,it'll get her less suspicious."Where is your parents?"."I'm an orphan."she said , pissed I asked.I was actually starting to feel sorry for her.I mean, a blind orphan.ARE YOU KIDDING ME!"Oh,sorry.""Do you have any siblings?" I asked.Maybe they have the same ability. Except ,maybe, they're not blind.We could recruit them instead."No."

Rosie's P.O.V

I bet this Jay lady thinks that I'm thinking 'Why is this girl asking all them questions?'(TE HE)
Like I don't know , did I forget to mention I can read peoples minds if they think too much.Damn, me and my short term memory.I keep forgetting to tell you guys stuff.Anyways, I can easily tell from her mind that her spy team wants me on their team for missions.I also forgot to mention that I do have siblings...............3. Four kids, now that I think about it, I guess that's why my mom and dad abandoned us.I have one brother, one sister ,and my baby sister who died from cancer right before she turned 3.My sister joined the bad spy team shortly after my mom and dad left. She couldn't handle the pressure of having to help Johnny, my bro, try to feed us and cloth us and take care of us. I mean ,I helped too, it's just that johnny didn't let me help as much as he made Scarlet,my sis, do.Johnny didn't know I had a special ability back then.Now he knows though. He is at the park with me today. He has the special ability too, but my sis didn't I just don't want him to go all 'protective brother' on Jay. I can tell that deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep down shes a nice person.

Hi, I'm Johnny.I have the same exact special ability as Rosie.Except I'm not blind.I'm 17 and my favorite color is blue.My sis is turning 12 soon and I cant wait till she sees what I'm getting her.I'm not going to tell her this year but I make no promises.Some how she always gets me to tell her what it is by making those two cute big brown eyes. Its adorable!!!!!Anyways I'm getting her something that she always wanted ...................... A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has always wanted one for two reasons:


Almost as adorable as her.


Should I continue? Tell me what you think about it.

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