Blind and kidnapped?


2. How It All Started

Rosie's P.O.V
I was sitting on my favorite red bench in the park when I felt footsteps hit the ground. I looked up, even though I was blind so there was really no point in doing it, "How are you doing sweety", A women, I'm pretty sure she was in her late 20's asked. "Don't call me sweety, and why do you even care how I'm doing, you don't know me, I could be a killer" I shot at her. I was mad but not for any particular reason, the lady giggled a fake giggle which annoyed me even more, "Are you a killer?" she asked, she sounded like those, white, preppy people on TV shows, "You tell me" I smirked and walked away. She followed. Not that I needed or wanted her to. I had a bad feeling about her. The way she followed me, and didn't ask about where my parents were and junk like that. She's hiding something, I can feel it, did I mention I'm like a living truth detector? I can feel peoples heart beat which helps when finding out the truth. "By the way my name is Jay", "ugh you're still here" I spat, like
Jay's P.O.V
That little brat! What makes her think she can go off on me like that? I did my best to ignore her and not strangle her right there at that moment... I mean, does she really think that all because she's blind she gets what's so called 'the special treatment' urrrrrrrmmmm.... NO. Ugh, Why do I always get stuck on recruiting duty -_- 
She just better not draw too much attention to herself out on the missions...
Should I continue? Tell me what you guys think...

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