Save a life

Jacey is 17 her mom dided on her 9 birthday and now she lives with her mean step dad she once had a brother named Niall and he left her at the age 10 she miss hi really bad then one day jacey runs into someone at school and find out what happens ��


1. Save me 1

Jessica get ur but in here as my step dad said by the way my name is Jessica lee Hoarn I  17 I will be 18 on 1/1713 My mom and my real dad are dead my brother moved in with my aunt and I haven't seen him since 6 years ago his name is Niall he tmoved to Germany so I live in Dublin no here u go I heard my step dad rob call Jessica lee get ur but I her I race down stare yes what is it I said what's this he said its chikn I said why isn't it mad he said I don't know I didn't know I was supposed to I said well MAKE IT he shouted no I am not going to I said what did u just say he said I said no I am sick and tired of living with u I want my mom back ane my brother as I ran out of the door crying u will come back he said I am not not I said running in the dark with my bags and all of my stuf I wisperd to myself I am going to find my brother .  

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