Save a life

Jacey is 17 her mom dided on her 9 birthday and now she lives with her mean step dad she once had a brother named Niall and he left her at the age 10 she miss hi really bad then one day jacey runs into someone at school and find out what happens ��


5. Home sweet home

I woke up the next day and saw Niallsleeping in the chair I got up and went to th bathroom and got in the shower then I brushed my teeth and got ready I went down staries and I saw Ashley sup gur I said grabbing orang juice Niall walked in and said I want. To meet someone today hesaid ok I said so me and Ashley got ready we went down staries easy Niall said yea we walked to Niall's car we went to the park I saw 4 beautiful boys guys this Jessica I saw a beautiful boy named Louis I told him hi we all spent the whole ds together the we went home .  The boys stayed with us seance Ashley's mom left I was just glad I found my list long brother Niall James Hoarn.  The end  will be making anthoer book called dancingMarly 

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