Save a life

Jacey is 17 her mom dided on her 9 birthday and now she lives with her mean step dad she once had a brother named Niall and he left her at the age 10 she miss hi really bad then one day jacey runs into someone at school and find out what happens ��


3. Audition

3 days latter : beep beep beep Ashely the alarm no answer back BEEP BEEP BEEP !!!! ASHYLE MARIE get up didn't get a answer sit up Ashley wasn't in bed hmm wonder we're she could be looked in the bathroom finnaly I went dowstaries hey sleepyhead she said so exited Hi Ashlee Marie I said want to Sighn up for the X -FACTOR yea I do so we went to the audditons the next day I sang stand and Ashley sang the a team we both didn't make it we both flew to teach just for this so when we headed back home why were her do u want to find Niall yea I said we did we looked all around we went to this radio station I saw this guy that look just like Niall I walked up  close to him he said u look formeller he said then he asked me what's my name I said my name is Jessica I said JESSICA OMG I can't bleavie it ok who are isaid befor he could speak I wisperd alittle next thing I new it was black I had passed out only thing that was in my head was everything why Niall leftward he did things wet in my head it was just like I found my lost brother NIALL .

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