Save a life

Jacey is 17 her mom dided on her 9 birthday and now she lives with her mean step dad she once had a brother named Niall and he left her at the age 10 she miss hi really bad then one day jacey runs into someone at school and find out what happens ��


2. 2. Best friend

I walked for a while singing a song from Ed sheern as I past my friends house her mom said I was always welcome I knocked on the door her mom miss.Allison opend it hi miss Allison I said may I stay for a couple days yes shire her mom said I walked to my friend Ashley's room her mom yelled Ashley she can Dow staries oh hey she said Jacey will be staying for a while she said ok come Jessica as we walked up the stares we got to the room so what's up she said well my dad is being rude well as u can say step dad I said Ohh ok so let's talk she said ok u want to help me find Niall ? She said yeah so then we got washed up and ready for bed . 

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