Your the One ( A Niall Horan Love story)

Paul makes the boys Go back to finish School even tho they didn't want to They had to stay In San Antonio Texas until they graduate there donot to happy About it. Annabella Was the Girl Everyonel made Fun of even tho Everyone knows Her best friend Is Austin mahone What happens when niall meets Annabella Will everyone hater Her more Will they only like her cause of the boys What will happened Well read and find out


1. chapter One

~Annabella's P.o.v~


it was the middle of October. I groaned as I got up It was only 5:30 A.m Alex Wanted me to be Ready by 6:30 so we can get Some Breakfast Tacos Which I love love love So much I blasted out my Phone to my best friend Austin Mahone I'm really happy for him that he is Finally being what he wants to be But I do miss so much :/ tho. I put on My Black and White Squared Shirt with My Skinny Jeans And My gray Beanie that has a flower on the side cause it was Cold out Side today I put my Shoes On When I was About to grab my phone I herd a Honk I Unplugged my phone From the Charger Got my charger my backpack and my keys And went out Side When I went out I didn't know It was Freezing cold I got in shivering "morning" Alex Said "Morning Oh my freaking God its so damn Cold" I said Putting my Seat belt on as Alex started to Drive to Roberts house "hey Robert you have A jacket I Can use cause I'm freezing" I said As he came in "Yeah Hold On You want my Red Nike One" He said "yesh Please" I said He closed the Door and ran to his House He came back with the Jacket I Sigh of relief "oh my gosh Your such a Life saver" I said Grabbing the Jacket from him I put it on. we finally arrived At Mama Margie's we ordered the Tacos and left I text Austin Good morning he called me "Morning Beautiful" He said I blushed a little "Morning" I said "what are u doing" he said "nothing here with Rob and Alex At Mama Margie's Getting some Tacos"I said "oh tell them i said Hi and that sounds Awesome Right now I say u should buy me some and ship them to me" he said In his Cute Sleepy voice "Austin says hi" I told Alex And Robert "put him on Speaker" Robert said I laughed "hold on They want u on speaker" I said I pushed the speaker button "Hello" I said "hellooooo" he sang I laughed "What are you Doing up So early" He asked "I'm At Mama Margie's cause of Alex " I Said He chuckled "well I got to go ill talk to you later Bye" Austin said "Bye" Alex and Robert said With that he hung up and The Waitress came With our Food and Drinks we left mama Margie's And went to our School I groaned As Alex Parked the car I got out Of the car Once it came to a stop Alex and Robert did to We walked down to the lunch Room was at And Sat at our Usual Spot I saw my girls Sarah Jackie And April "Good morning" I said "Wow someones here Early" Sarah said I laughed a little as I Slid next to Robert. We Ate lunch All the girls where Fangirling "why are All these girls Going crazy today" I said "because One direction Is Coming to this school" April said Happy I Groaned "really" I said "Yep" Alex said "well I hope None of the boys Have the same Classes as me Or even Sit by me" I said "why not I think u and Niall Would make Such an Adorable Couple then it can be Me And Zayn"April Said I laughed "why would Niall Horan like me I Mean Yeah We Know austin Mahone And All But You see the way people treat me I don't think he would wanna even talk to Me"  I said "Because your such An Awesome Person You both Love food Your Half Irish" Sarah Said I Chuckled but then Realized they were right We had tones of Common I Groaned At the thought of it And Threw my tacos Away Cause i was Done already the bell rang at last I Smiled Yay  we went our separate ways me and Robert had first period together which was Dancing Class I Saw my Teacher Jasmine " Hey Jasmine" I Said greeting My Teacher "Hey Anna ready To Dance" She Said "I'm always ready To dance" I told Her she laughed I went to The locker rooms And  Changed into My Shorts And Muscle Shirt   "ready to dance Girly's" I Said they smiled at me "what song are we Dancing Today " my friend Tamra said " I was thinking Troublemaker by Olly Murs" I told Her "Omg I Love that Song" Sarah Said I Smiled "So do i"  I Said  as we all went back to the dance Room  All the girls started yelling I Looked 

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