A 19 year old girl named Bailey moves to London to stay with her father and meets the most popular teenage British/Irish boy band ONE DIRECTION and gets to hang out with them! But she get a rough life with them!;(


13. The lads

Louis POV:

I pulled off Bailey from ontop of me and pulled out my phone and texted Niall

To: IrishMan:)-Mate Bailey is coming over tomorrow tell the lads! x

From: IrishMan:)-Ok Tommo cant wait to see her!! X

To: IrishMan:)-Be quiet just tell the lads! x

I put my phone away and layed in bed next to Bailey and we talked for about an hour.



A/N ; I won't be updating for this week or next week , this week I have cheer camp and then next week I have to go to Camp Cullen with YMCA! Yah so sorry guys :(

also here's a pic of what bailey looks like


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