A 19 year old girl named Bailey moves to London to stay with her father and meets the most popular teenage British/Irish boy band ONE DIRECTION and gets to hang out with them! But she get a rough life with them!;(


2. Oh my gosh


~2hours later landed at London~

I'm finally here in London and I can't wait to see my dad! As I walk through the entrance to the airport I see all of these girls yelling and holding signs saying 'we love you 1D, I love you Zayn, One Direction is amaZAYN' I thought to myself was that One Direction in New York and I passed them up!? It was unbelievable it was One Direction and I was on the same plane as them! Oh my gosh I felt like I was going to pass out but then I spot my dad waiting for me to talk me home! On the way to my dads house I told him everything that was going on in the airport. "Bailey you are just the same ole you, aren't you?" My dad asked me in a joyful voice! "I guess dad!" I answered back. "Where am I going to school?" I asked "Grand High School." My dad answered my question. Wow that's one of the schools where celebrity's go to school but there you have to treat them the same as the others that aren't famous. 

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