A 19 year old girl named Bailey moves to London to stay with her father and meets the most popular teenage British/Irish boy band ONE DIRECTION and gets to hang out with them! But she get a rough life with them!;(


4. Meeting them


Baileys POV:

*Whispers* I could hear strangers in the school when I walk through the doors. I went to the office to get my locker number and schedule for class. *knock knock* "Come in please" an older lady told me. I opened the door and say the elderly lady was sitting at her desk with her hands on top of each other. "Hello miss my name is Mrs. Carter and I'm the principle of Grand High School and your name is..?" Mrs. Carter asked me. " name is Bailey Ramos." I answered her question. "We'll hello Bailey here is your locker number and class schedule, have a great day miss Bailey!" As she handed me the papers. I walked out of the office and tried to find my locker. "Damn where is my lock.." "Ahaha, ouch!!" I yelled quietly. "Oh my I'm so sorry I wasn't pay..." The beautiful boy said as he look at me and didn't finish his sentence. "Hello, urm sorry I bumped into you my name is Louis...Louis Tomlinson." "What's your name?" The beautiful boy said with he's amazing british accent. "B...Bailey... Bailey Ramos." "What a beautiful name for a gorgeous young lady!" Louis said that made me blush and get butterfly's in my stomach. "Thanks, um Louis do you know where 'E67' is, I can't f..find my locker?" I asked Louis shyly. "Yeah your right by me... Locker buddy!!" Louis said in a funny way. Louis took my books and held them in his right arm, then he grabbed my arm and locked arms with mine. It felt awkward but then it felt nice, he seemed to be the right friend to hang out with. After awhile he unlocked his arm with mine and started to look through my books and found my 1D bookmark, that's when I realized I was locked arms with LOUIS TOMLINSON ! At first I had no idea it was him I was just admiring his beauty and his blue eyes! I kinda jumped when I got him out oh my thoughts and just stared at the ground. I brought my head up slowly and looked at his face and I could tell that I realized who he was. He had a smirk on his face and laughed. "So Bailey now you know who I'am?" " it took awhile for you, how come?" Louis asked me while he still laughs at me. "Omg yes,yes I do!!!" "Umm cause I was just admiring your beauty." The last part I spoke softly 

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