A 19 year old girl named Bailey moves to London to stay with her father and meets the most popular teenage British/Irish boy band ONE DIRECTION and gets to hang out with them! But she get a rough life with them!;(


8. Kiss me

Louis POV: 

I showed Bailey my favorite part by acting it out I thought this would give me the chance to show her how I feel. Once I was done I add a little part, I pushed her on the couch where she was laying down I got above her half way and laughed but we stopped and stared at each other for awhile I broke the silence by saying "you have beautiful eyes Bay, you know that?" i went down and whisper it in her ear i could tell i have her tingles from the way she jumped. She was about to say something but I attacking her neck and gave her love bits. I could feel her pushing me to get off her so I had to hurry and find her sweet spot then I hit it she stopped trying to get me off her and was now enjoying the love bits. I tried to make her moan but I couldn't I didn't want to bit to hard or suck to hard I wanted it gentle but it was almost lasting about a minute so I bit her neck and sucked her neck extra hard and she moaned for me. All I did was watch her and laugh. I went to her other ear and told her "I like you Bay... I like you alot" I looked back at her face and so she was surprised. "Oh I see Bailey you don't feel the same way...Im really sorry" I felt horrible by doing that to her! I got up from her and was stopped by her hand on my leg. We looked at each other and Bailey said "kiss me" she whispered but I could barley hear her "what?" I questioned her "kiss me...kiss Lou!" She spoke louder almost yelling. A smile appeared on my face. I grabbed her and carried her bridle style to my room and layed her on my bed. But was surprised when she got upped the bed. "Sit Lou" she demanded me "I kinda like this dark Bailey" I joked "shut up!" She played as I sat on the end of the bed she rapped her legs around me and put her hands around my neck.

Bailey POV: 

He told me he likes me but then why is he getting up "oh I see Bailey you don't feel the same way...I'm really sorry" Louis said in a sad tone I grabbed his leg and whispered "kiss me" but he didn't hear me "what" he asked "kiss me...kiss me Lou!" I kinda yelled. We looked at each other and a smile appeared on Lou's face. He picked me up in bridle style and took me to his room. He layed me down on the bed I surprised him when I got up. "Sit Lou!" I demanded him "I kinda like this dark Bailey" Louis joked "shut up" I played. As he sat down I put my legs around him and put my arms around his neck.

Louis POV:

When she was fully sitting on top of me she kissed me like crazy I licked her bottom lip for entry she accepted. We explored each others mouths. He played with my hair while we kissed. Bailey harden the kiss which let out a moan from both of us, I separated our lips and kissed her neck, suck extra hard on the spot I've already marked on her say she's mine. I was going deeper when all of the sudden she grabbed my hands that where rubbing her leg she moved them to her hips saying she wants to grind on me I accepted "Louis I don't know how to grind can you instruct me?" She asked "yeah babe" I answered "just keep your hands around my neck and ill move your hips back and forth." I told her. I grabbed her hips and brought her close to me I pushed her down into my crotch and back and forth until she got it.

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