A 19 year old girl named Bailey moves to London to stay with her father and meets the most popular teenage British/Irish boy band ONE DIRECTION and gets to hang out with them! But she get a rough life with them!;(


7. I like you

Louis POV: I got out of the car and ran to the other side to open the door for Bailey but she already made her way out. We walked in my house and took a seat on the couch. " So Bailey you wanna cup of tea?" I offered "Sure Lou." She replied "Aye I see you got me a nickname?" I joked "Yep if I have a nickname then you must have a nickname!" She replied "Ok then, what kinda movie you wanna watch scary, action , drama, or romantic?" I asked putting a little more tone in romantic "Umm scary! Then romantic!" She yelled "ok here's your tea" I told her as I handed her , her tea. 

Bailey POV: 

Louis picked paranormal 3 for the first movie, I got scared but Louis on the other hand was not. At one part I put my head in Louis neck so I didn't see the next part. At that time I felt Louis rub my side and said "its ok I'm here for you Bay no need to worry" I felt like he was protecting me from everything around us. After the movie was over we talked about our favorite part was. Louis acted out his favorite part and add a action to it by pushing me on the couch and kinda laying on me I just laugh at what he was doing when he stopped and I stopped laughing and had that weird moment when you are just staring back at each other for a while  but Louis broke the silent "you have beautiful eyes Bay, you know that?" Louis whispered in my ear. He's breath was warm and it tingled on my skin when he talked. Before I could say anything Louis kissed my neck and bit my skin hard I tried to push him off of me but 'jack-pot' he hit my sweet spot. No one ever has hit my sweet spot that fast. I controlled the moans he was giving me but the last love bit put shivers down my body and I let out a quite moan but still able to hear it. Louis laughed at me and went to my other ear and put more shivers and butterflies in my stomach "I like you Bay... I like you alot!" Louis whispered in my ear

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