A 19 year old girl named Bailey moves to London to stay with her father and meets the most popular teenage British/Irish boy band ONE DIRECTION and gets to hang out with them! But she get a rough life with them!;(


12. I hate you!

Dad POV:

I knew she was lying about being at a friends house, but I'm not sure where she really was. I just can't believe she would lie to me, who could she, what is it she's hiding from me? "Bailey I'm making chicken, ok?" Pulling out the chicken. "Yeah it's fine." She yells back. We ate and I need to know the truth. "Bailey... Tell me the truth where were you lastnight and why didn't you come home?" I grab her hand. "I was at a friends house like I told you!" Yells at me getting angry. "Bailey your lying to me, now tell me the fucking truth!" Standing up from my seat. "I am!, does it matter if I was at my friends house or somewhere's else?" She stands up and tried to walk away. "Don't walk away when I'm talking to you!, now tell me where you were... This is the last time I'm asking you!" I yell at her and grabbed her arm. "FINE BUT DON'T OVER REACT BECAUSE WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING.... I WAS AT MY GUY FRIENDS HOUSE AND WE DID WATCH A MOVIE AND WE FEEL ASLEEP, THERE THAT'S THE TRUTH, AND I HATE YOU!" She gets in my face. "WHAT THE FUCK BAILEY YOU ARE GROUNDED!" I scream at her. 

Baileys POV:

I couldn't handle it, I pulled out my phone and called Louis to pick me up now, I packed my cloths and makeup and other stuff. I walked down the stairs and didn't see my dad, so I walked out the house and Louis was already here to pick me up. I got in the car and we drove off. "Babe what happen, are you ok?" Louis held my hand tightly. "My dad is being an asshole! And I need to get away from him, yeah I'm ok cause I'm with you." I smiles at the end. "Good cause I don't like seeing you hurt." He smiles and kisses my hand. Louis is such a gentle men to me, maybe that's why I feel in love with him. We reach his flat and layed in his bed, and cuddling. "Babe tomorrow is Saturday, and the lads wonder if they can see you, do you wanna g-" I interrupted Louis. " Yeah I would love that!" I jump on him.

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