Unexpected surprises

Rylee goes through the basic/ usual high school troubles. She is your average every-day type of teen. Until she meets important people and experiences many unexpected surprises. Read to find out more !!!


2. School -.-

Rylee's P.O.V:


Rylee: IM UP MOM !!! I yell across the house. I go into the bathroom grab my towels off the rack and take a quick shower. 

Once I get out I throw on my floral sneakers a white button-up blouse , skinny jeans and put gel on my hair and braid my bangs back out of my face. Brush my teeth then grab my book bag and rush out the door to see Kevin and Heather in Kevin's jeep. ( since Kevin is one grade above us he drives us to school). I jump in and we drive off to school. 

Kevin: Soooo Rylee what are you planning to do for your birthday this year ? He said

Rylee: I don't know my birthday is 2 months I don't need to worry now.

Heather: Gurl yes you do it is freggin your sweet 16 !!! She yelled.

Rylee: i know I know but I don't want anything big , ya know ?

Heather & Kevin : ya sure whatever. 

Our conversation was interrupted by the bell signaling us to go to home room we all hugged said our goodbyes for the day until we meet up at the end of the day to go home. 

Finally the dismissal bell rang and everyone rushed out of the school doors. In the holding area I spotted Heather and Kevin whispering to each other and Heather was getting excited but once they noticed me walking towards them the stopped and acted like nothing just happened. 

Rylee: what were you guys talking about ?

Heather: nothing .

Kevin: ya nothing.

i knew they were hiding something from me but I wasn't gonna worry about it because this weekend we are all staying at my uncles best friend's  house watching it for him while he is on business. See , the thing is he is a famous music producer and was the guy who signed Michael Jackson , Bruno mars and so. And his house is freakin amazing!


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