Unexpected surprises

Rylee goes through the basic/ usual high school troubles. She is your average every-day type of teen. Until she meets important people and experiences many unexpected surprises. Read to find out more !!!


3. Richard's Castle

 Rylee's P.O.V:

Kevin drove us all to our houses to get our stuff that we packed for the weekend. Once we were all packed we headed to Richard's house ( my uncle's best friend) .

Once we arrived we got out of the car and just stood there in shock from the house. It was huge ! Our gaze was broken when we noticed Richard walking towards us, he was talking on the phone.

Richard: Yeah okay will do man, see you there. Alright bye. he clicked the end button and put his phone back into his pocket.

Rylee: hey Richard ! Long time no see , huh?!?

Richard: yeah Rylee , i've missed your visits. he smiled and so did i.

see , Richard has been one of our family's close friends ever since my uncle and mom were little. They did everything together.. and soon enough Richard started his own record label , and became famous. We have still been great friends ever since.

Richard: hey guys i have to go catch my flight, Ry you know they rules, take care see you guys on Sunday! He said getting into his Range Rover.

we waved bye. Once we had lost sight of him driving off we grabbed our bags and ran into the castle and ran around searching the place. This place was the coolest! There was a movie room , an indoor pool & jacuzzi , a bowling alley, a recording studio, and in the back yard was a giant motor-cross track with a garage full of ATV's dum-buggies , dirtbikes , and such. Now i know where Kevin will be spending the whole weekend.

After searching the house we all sat on the giant black leather couch in the living room.

Kevin: woah , this house is incredible

Heather: ha , yeah tell me about it!

Rylee: i know right !! well , im  pooped im gonna go to bed early... whatever you do dont burn do the house.

Kevin: no promises !!!

Rylee: whatever. NIGHT!!!

Kevin & Heather : NIGHTTT!!!!!

I walked upstairs into one of the guests bedrooms where i put my stuff down in. I pulled my pj's out of my suitcase and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, change, & put my hair up into a messy bun. I walked over to the queen size bed, and threw myself on top of it , got under the covers and slowly drifted to sleep...

*A/N so comment if you like it!! and trust me it will get better soon ;) *

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