Unexpected surprises

Rylee goes through the basic/ usual high school troubles. She is your average every-day type of teen. Until she meets important people and experiences many unexpected surprises. Read to find out more !!!


1. Characters (:

Rylee: main character ; 5'4 light brown hair medium length skinny but not too skinny she's got some meat on her bones :p . 15 years old . 9th grade , Durant high school. Huge belieber and Angel (Cody Simpson fan) . Blue eyes , perfect smile and giggle . Braces /.\ 


Heather: Rylee's best friend . 5'2 long blonde hair . And is with Rylee 24/7


Kevin: Rylee's best guy friend . 5'9 brown hair blue eyes and is in love with motor cross. 


Andrea: Rylee's mom.


Adam: Rylee's dad.


Skye & Brody : Rylee's younger twin brother and sister.


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