Mystery Love

You know, I never really thought that I, Elizabeth Fall, would ever find the one I loved. However, that all changed when I turned 18. When I met him... Will this become true love? Or will I fall to the ground again?


2. The Dance


Tonight, the foster children decided to have a party for my 18th birthday. They said that they invited people that I didn't know (mainly boys). I really don't want to go, but Heather, my foster mom, says that I have too. I really don't see the point. I am only a year older. This "birthday" thing happens every year. I don't see the big deal. The party begins at 7. Only 30 minutes to get ready. What will I wear? Should I wear the shiny, new dress that I got two years ago that I have never worn or the beautiful, blue ball gown? Wait! How did this ball gown get into my closet? I have never owned more than one dress at a time in my life! Someone has been in my room! I try to shake off this fact, but something lingers in my mind as I slip it on. It fits perfectly. Almost as if it was custom made. I stand in front of my full length mirror and look at myself for a long time. I have already dried and curled my streaky blonde hair. I have put on some blush, eye shadow, and lip gloss. Then, I look down. I notice that the dress has a majestic blue and green tint to it. Something about it stands out that I didn't notice before. I look closely at myself in the mirror and notice that it changes colors. As I stare at the dress in the mirror, it changes from blue to purple to a very hot pink! I am just amazed at this dress! It is almost as if it is... Magical. I try to overlook the "magic" of the dress and hurry to finish getting ready. I only have 15 more minutes to get ready. I decide to  wear a pair of white heels. Why do they make such a big deal out of this dance?


The party started 5 minutes ago. I haven't went downstairs yet because my foster mom said that she would come and get me when it was time. I look out the window and notice that there are many cars parked out front and still more people showing up. I have never seen so many cars at a house at one time! I begin to panic! What if no one likes me? What if I somehow mess up the dance? I have been taking dance lessons from the other girls here while I have free time. I dance through the routine as I wait. I finally hear a knock on the door, and Heather says that it is time to come down. I grab my cell phone and stuff it in my clutch as I walk downstairs. Before I get to the bottom of the staircase, I can hear all of the people in the living room. There seems to be about 30 people stuffed into our little room. I pause on the stairs and take a deep breath as I feel light headed. I look up and decide that it is now or never. I walk down the remainder of the staircase and is welcomed by the speech given by Heather. "Welcome everyone to the 18th birthday ball of Elizabeth! I would like to thank everyone for showing up! I have been taking care of Elizabeth since she was three, and she is truly amazing! Thanks again for showing up this evening, and happy birthday, Elizabeth." I smile gently as I think of all of the people in the room. The only people I recognize are the other foster children and a couple of the kids that live down the road from us. I feel so out of place. However, this does not last long because Jamie, one of the other girls in the foster home, pulls me away into the crowd introducing me to everyone. I smile and say hello to everyone, but I cannot stop thinking about the dress and how it showed up in my closet.


It is time for the dancing to begin. I am stationed in the center of the living room and Jamie brings a boy up to me every five minutes. Many of them I recognize from down the street. I say hello and dance with each, trying not to forget any movements to the waltz. It is nearing the end of the night when Jamie brings the last boy to the center of the floor to dance with me. I had to remind myself how to breathe in that moment. I had never seen this boy before. He had streaky blonde hair like me, dark blue eyes, was wearing a tuxedo, and appeared to be about 6'0" tall. I had to look up a little bit as I was only 5'4". He brought me some flowers, knelt down, and introduced himself. "Hello there. My name is Daniel. It is a pleasure to be at your party, Elizabeth. Would you care to dance?" I slowly nodded in response, and we began to dance. I became lost in his eyes. They seemed to change colors just as my dress did. This startled me a little bit, but I pushed it aside as we continued dancing. When his time was up, Daniel whispered in my ear, "I had a wonderful time. I see that you received the dress. Thank you, Elizabeth. This was magical." He gently kissed my cheek and walked away. I was sad to see him leave me. I felt that Daniel understood me. Then I realized what he had said, "I see that you received the dress." This startled me. Did he sneak into my room and put it there? Suddenly, the room went black, and I was out.

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