Mystery Love

You know, I never really thought that I, Elizabeth Fall, would ever find the one I loved. However, that all changed when I turned 18. When I met him... Will this become true love? Or will I fall to the ground again?


1. My Life

Well, I guess this is where my story will begin. Today is my 18th birthday. Really exciting, right? Most people would be excited about this new chapter in life. Me? Not so much. When you grow up in a foster home your whole life, you learn to be alone. I have been living in a foster home since I was 3. I have struggled my whole life. My life has been tough. When I was born, I stopped breathing for 5 minutes before they revived me. Then, when I was 2, my parents were killed on the road by a drunk driver. I have been living in a foster home since I was three and have fought for attention ever since. Every month, the families come to the foster home to see if they are willing to adopt. I was always overlooked. I was young, but I wasn't stupid. I understood what the people were saying. They would say "She is too ugly" or "No one will ever love her." I would cry myself to sleep the majority of the nights. I have learned to be very independent. My whole life I was alone. Now here I am today. On my 18th birthday, 15 years later, and I am still alone. When will I ever be noticed?

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