The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


11. What now?

We break the hug and she smiles at me. 'what are we going to do?'' I shrugs and grab her hand and pull her to my room. She hasn't seen it yet. I lead her to the stairs and carefully lead her to my room, Once we get to the door She opens her eyes and looks into my room ''Woah you're room is huge! My room is only the size of a closet!" She sits down on my bed and looks around. That's when I noticed it. The big purple and black bruise on her side. I walk towards her and lift up her shirt a bit, Revealing the bruise the size of a fist. ''What's this?" I ask looking up at her. ''I-It's nothing.'' She pulls her shirt down and stands up. She runs down the steps to get her laptop and returns within 5 minutes. She puts her laptop down and looks at me. Then I think of it. 'Come on!' I throw a bright red slim body dress at her and grab my black one that matches that. ''Put this on'' I'm shocked when she pulls off her shirt, Showing off the cute blue leopard bra she is wearing then pulls the dress over, Then pulls her jeans down and fixes the dress. It looks amazing on her, It only reaches to her mid thigh. I hand her the choice of either black rose flats or a pair of black lacey heels. She chooses the heels. I go in and change into my black dress and put on the flats and walk up to her. she is just about my height now, Her lips reaches my chin. We giggle and  she does a spin, Letting me check her out, I do the same. She takes out her phone and snaps pictures of us together, I pull out mine and do that same. In one picture she is kissing my cheek and I'm turning beat red and she laughs. We head down stairs and She asks me ''Jen can you braid my hair.'' I look at her. ''sure, It'll take some time since it's at your butt!' We giggle and she sits down in front of my and I begin to braid.

About an hour later I finish French braiding her hair and she looks at it and gasps. ''It's beautiful!" I think to myself.. Just like you.
I pull her out the door, Grabbing my keys off the hook and I call a cab. As we wait for the cab We sit on my porch swing and swing in silence, when The cab pulls up I open her door and she climbs in and I go around and climb in. I lean up and whisper to the cab where to take us and he nods.

40 minutes later we pull up in front of JewelsPalace. And Lacie look's amazed as she looks at my wide eyed an a smile from ear to ear. I get out and go around and open her door, I have the cab driver a $40 and dismiss him. I let her hook my arm and I escort her into the place. We are seated by Chase's uncle Henry and I feel awkward. But I look across to see Lacies pretty smile and I return the smile.

'I've never been here before Jen.' I knew she hasn't, Her family isn't very rich. ''Chase brought me here. His uncle owns this place.' She looks down at the menu and when Herny returns we place our orders. Lacie orders: A diet coca cola and a steak and I order a pepsi and chicken club. Henry looks down at me disappointly and shakes his head. 'I can't believe you..' He says as he turns his back to us to go make our orders. Lacie stares at me .... 'What was the about?' I shrug it off and watch her. Just when I thought it couldn't get more weirder Chase appears with our orders and he stops dead in his tracks at our table. He stares at me with pure coldness in his eyes, sets our plates down and drinks and turns on his heel. ''Oh. and Jen? You shouldn't have rejected me."  I opened my mouth to speak but he is already gone. Lacie looks at me with a scared look in her eyes.

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