The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


5. Thinking to much.

He lets loose of me and I stare up what him.
"You had me worried!" I yell a little more then  I should have.
"I-I-I didn't know what happened. Jake Told me you never showed up. And he said he didn't call you into work! What were you doing Chase?"
I had thoughts of him cheating on me going through my head. I was scared. My heart was pounding quicker then normal.
"Ok. Truth is Jenny..."
I look down scared to hear the next words.
"I was heading over to the park to get together with some people to plan your birthday party. You know? Your sweet 16 is in 2 days" He smiles.
I smack my head and say "Ohhhh" I totally forgot my own sweet 16 in 2 whole days. I smile and hug him and all the thoughts of cheating wash away from me.
"My trucks totalled now and I have to borrows moms crappy ford." He frowns. This guy serisouly hates ford cars or trucks.
I laugh and we sit down on the couch together and we cuddle.
"So your mom knows we're together?
I nod and He sighs. "She isn't mad is she?"
"No She says she likes you and she won't tell dad." I smile up at him and he smiles back.
We sit there in silencefor a few mintues and his little sister comes in the room and gives me a nasty look.
"Oh look it's Freak of nature" She says in a stupid little preppy tone.
Chase jumps up and punches her in the shoulder. "Shut up Amanda. You know you really piss me off with that crap. Just get out of here and go sleep with some guys!" He yells. She gives out a loud puff of air and grabs her keys and walks out the door. "Whatever loser go see Jamie." She is 17 and thinks she owns the world. She's the same girl who trips me in the halls and classes everyday.. It's hard to believe those two are even related!
I sigh. "Don't let Amada-Whore get to ya" Chase says offering me his hands to pull me up off of the couch and leads me to the kitchen.
I smile and lean agianst his counter top. He pours us both a glass of some cold Orange juice and hands me my glass and we stand there in silence.
I look up at him.
"Whose Jamie?" I whisper.
He chokes on his juice and says. "Jamie, She's uh- My aunt."
I don't remember him having a aunt Jamie but I shrug it off.
" I really should be getting home. It's getting late."

He hugs me and kisses me tenderly and walks me to the door.
"Cya tomorrow?"
I nod and walk towards my own house and sit on the front steps. With it only being Saturday I text the Twins.
"Wanna come stay with me?"

"On our way!"
I smile and walk inside where mom's on the couch.
"Twins are coming." she looks up from her work and smiles
"Good, I'll order some veggie pizzas for you girls" She gets up and goes to the phone.
I love mom. But ever since the inicdent with dad she seems so spaced out.
I walk up to my room and look at myself. I look pretty cute! I stand up and walk over to the mirror and study myself.
I'm pretty. I'm smart. I'm different. Noone at school besides the twins like me. I look down to the scars on my arms.  I Sigh and snap a beautiful picture of myself with my phone Chase gave me and send it to him. I smile.
As I turn around the Twins are in my door way and we all hug.
"So is Chase okay?!" They both say at the same time then giggle. They always do that.
"Yeah he's fine."
The Twins sit on my neon green bean bag couch and slouch into it. They love that thing.
"What's wrong? You be thinking hard about something" Jassy asks me, Eyeing me up.
"And you look totally stunning today!" says Jessy.
" I dunno Jass, I feel like something isn't right with chase. And thank's Jess."
They both gasp and look at eachother.
"Something wrong with price charming?!"
Mom hollers that the pizzas are here and we all run down the stairs.

***End of Chapter 5***
Sorry if this chatper is lacking goodness. :[

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