The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


6. The Sleepover.

We dig into the pizza and it's gone within 25 mintues. We grab some pops and head back up to my room and close to door behind us. The Twins plop down onto the couch and I plop onto my bed.
"That was delish!" Jassy says and pats her tummy.
Jessy nods in agreement.
 I sit up and sit crossed legged.
"Girls, I'm going to go get in the hottub. Anyone wanna join?"
they both nod and I dig out 3 of my bikinis.
One is all black. That one goes to Jessy.
Next one is Lime green with a pink bow. That one is mine.
The last one is hot neon pink with black skulls. That one is for Jassy.
We each grab a towel and head to the Hot tub room.
I sink into the hot water and turn the jets on. Sitting there in silence enjoying the water.
 My mind begins to wonder off.

There she is. Tall, Mature, Long red hair. Beautiful green eyes. And long legs that last forever.
Who is she? I've never seen her before then out of the side Chase walks in. chase? He walks up to her and grabs her wasit. Her perfect tiny waist and holds her, Kissing her and she returns the kisses softly and he whispers in her ear.
He starts to get down on one knee and pulls out a tiny black velevt box.

My eyes pop open and the Twins are both asleep. I tap them and they wake up.
"I am in love with this Jen. It's too amazing. I wish we had one!" Says Jessy.
Jassy nods in agreement.

I guess Mom and I have money. I mean our house is big, 4 bedrooms, Two of them which are Master rooms, Mom and I have those. One is a guest room and then the other one has our computers in there and books on everywall.
Mom is a lawyer so she is barely ever home, She goes away a lot. Leaving me here alone for a week or so.  My bedroom has a bathroom in it which only I use and I love. I feel like my own self in my own bathroom, Everything mine and mine only in there. I smile.

The Twins and I head back to my room where I slip into the bathroom and put on my Hello Kitty Pj pants with a Black tank top and pull my hair back into a pony tail and walk out. The Twins are wearing the same Hot pink tank tops with green capres. We sit down and start talking.

"Jen, I think Chase is bad for you. He seems...Well creepy. He is always eyeing up young girls when he picks you up from school and such. I saw him looking at Haley King's butt last time."
I sigh and roll my eyes. The Twins are always trying to break us up.
"Whatever guys..You're jus jealous I have someone who loves me!" I shout.
I quickly cover my month and the Twins looks hurt.

"You really are selfish Jen you know that?" Jessy says as she picks up her bag and Jassy does the same.
" We can't be friends no longer. You treat us like crap and you totally forget about us when CHASE is around"
They walk out the bedroom and out my house
"FINE! I DON'T NEED YOU!" I scream and throw myself on my bed and start to cry.

****End of Chapter 6.****

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