The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


2. The Date.

His Uncle sets us in a booth in the back of the place and lowers the lights a bit and comes back to us, My palms are sweating like crazy because this is my first real date, I mean Chase took me to the Movies, Dinners, Pinics, Things like that, But nothing this romantic. "What can I get you young lady" His uncle asks me in a kind smoothing voice. "Um. Just a water with some - um - Salad" I choke out. I get extreamly nervous infront of people I don.'t know. I look across to Chase whose hiding a laugh, I gently kick him under the table and he giggles more. "Henery, I'll take the stake, Mashed pototoes and Fries with a Large Coke." His uncle nods and walks off. Chase leans across the table and holds both my hands in his. "Jenny, I love you, I've never felt this way about a girl before. I'm so happy to have you in my life babygirl." I blush deeply and smile. "I love you too chase." "I never knew your uncle owned this place! Its like totally amazing!" I remember when I was younger. Before my parent's split apart they used to  bring me here all the time. I miss my dad. I mean I see him on some weekends and holidays. But It's not the same, I want him everyday. But he left mom after he cheated on her for 5 years behind her back and had another child and wife. Course the other wife haddened believed my mom and she stayed with dad, Just for his money. "Jenny?" I snap out of my flashback and look at Chase. "Sorry, I was thinking about my dad" He smiles. "It's ok." As he speaks his uncle places the food and drinks infront of us and walks away.
After we finish our lunch he walks me to his truck and gets me inside and gets in the other side.
We drive to the park near my house and we get out, He takes me to our secert hiding spot and lays a blanket down, It's far in the trees where noone can see, It's where I got my first kiss :].
"Do you remember how we met Jenny?" He asks while smiling at me.
Oh boy do I!

3 years ago.
My dad had just left us. I was 11 years old. I felt like I was broken. Something was wrong with me. I ran away to this spot and hid from everybody. I thought I was alone, I sat and I cried my eyes out when I felt a firm hand on my shoulder and a voice of an angel. "Hey, Are you ok?"
I looked up to see a young boy maybe 15 or 16, Long dirty blonde hair, Light brown eyes and a concerned face.
I jumped at his touch and I scooted away from him and dry my eyes. "I- I- I'm fine! Who are you!?"
He gently sits down beside me and explains.
''My name is Chase. I am 15 years old and I heard you crying and I wanted to see if you were okay, I live right over there. You live a few doors down from me." I nod and he continues to speak.
''I was sitting on the porch when I heard the yelling at your house and watched your dad pack his things into his car and leave. Then I saw you running this way and I wanted to make sure you were okay" I smile shyly. "I'm Jenny" 
Then we sat there forever talking. We met there almost everyday and talked about our life and stuff. I Liked him since that day.

 He kisses my lips softly and holds me tight. My heart skips a beat I swear it does.
"I better let you get home, It's 5 already." He helps me stand up and hugs me tightly.
He hands me a necklace, New phone case, A pair of beautiful black flat shoes and a new sweater and winks at me. I know I told mom I was going to the mall. He is giving me this like he always does, So it looks like I was really at the mall with my girls. I kiss him goodbye and run towards my house.
Ofcourse he lives in a different house now and he drives away. I run through the front door with all the things I "bought" And I sit down on the couch where mom's sitting.
"Hey mom check out what I got today!"
I pull the stuff out of the bag and her eyes light up. "Oh baby those are beautiful!" My mom loves how  I shop. I hug her and run upstairs and put my things where they go, I lay down on my bed, Smiling as always and text Chase
"Thanks! I loved today"
I get a reply back instinly
"ME too! you looked beautiful today baby:] See ya tomorrow? I'll pick you up from school and we'll REALLY go shopping, $900 check today baby Love you"
I smile and turn over and fall asleep quickly.

***End of chapter 2.***

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