The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


4. The Accident.

I ran home crying because his mom had called me and told me that Chase had been in a terrible crash and that he was being lifelighted to the hosptial. I have to get there.
I ran into the door of my house and told mom, "I'll be over at the Twin's house til late tonight! I may be there all night. Don't worry. Love you mom!"
I ran upstairs and grabbed my overnight bag and packed my Ipod, charger, Phone Charger,Laptop and My book.
I ran back downstairs, Kissed mom's cheek and ran out the door and ran to Chases' house and His mom was waiting on my in the car.
She and I drove in silence to the hosptail. When we arrived I ran inside with tears rolling down my face and his mom behind me. Everything was spinning so fast and I collasped.

I woke up in a bed with his mom beside me in the chair. I looked at her and jumped up. "Where is he?!"
His mom looked at me and spoke softly "He's down the hall. He isn't stable and he looks terrible.. I don't think you could handle it"
I run to the room and find him.
Lying there. With so many machines hooked to him. Oxygen hooked up. Iv's in him. I ran to his bedside and dropped to my knees and bawled my eyes out until I fell asleep on the floor beside his bed.

When I woke up I was in his room. I sat up, Looked around and grabbed his pillow and cried.
After my tears stopped I slowly went downstairs to see his mom at the table. I sniffed and sat down beside her. My hair was standing up every which way and it made her giggled. I sadly smiled and put my head down. "I gotta get home" I get up and walk towards the door. "I'm going over today to see him." His mom nodded and smiled at me and looked back at her paper. I grab my bad she put beside the door and trugged it home. Slowly walking and taking this all in. I stop by the twins and tell them the news, I end up crying as I speak and they hug me and console me tightly and offer to come stay with me. I decline there offer, I need to be alone right now. I leave there house and walk to my house. I have to pretend this didn't happen. I walk in and hug mom and head upstairs. I undress and hopin the hot shower. Maybe I'm dreaming? I splash water in my face only to relize I'm really awake and this is really happening.

I get out of the shower and put on my baggy sweats, Sweater and my uggs and I go outside and get my books. I go up to my room and sit at my desk and beginning to study to take my mind off this.

An hour later my phone rings. It's Chase!

"I'm okay. I'm about to leave. I don't know what happened. I lost control of the truck and hit the graud rail and went down.  I'm fine  baby come over to the house today. I need to see my beautiful girl.

I hung up. Went to the closet pulled out my summer girly dress, Put on some white flats and put my hair up into a braid. I look so girly, I giggled at myself.
I skipped downstairs and told mom I'm going back to the Twins and I'll be home later. I hug mom and kiss her cheek and she says "I know you're with Chase honey" I stop dead in my tracks with my back towards her and I say.
'' Wha-what do you mean mom? " I swallow hard.
"Honey, I like Chase, He's nice and He's had a hard life. do you want a ride there?"
I turn and drop my purse.. "mom. I'm sorry I lied this whole time" She smiles
"Baby it's okay I understand." She grabs my hand and leads me to the car.
"Dont worry I wont tell your dad about him"
I smile as we climb into the car and she takes me over to his house.
I jump out of the car and run to his front door and he answers the door and smiles, Waves to my mom and I step inside and he hugs me. Tightly. I notice he has a cast on his leg and some cuts on his face and arms. He hugs me like no tomorrow and kisses my head and whispers...
"I love you..."
"I love you too"

***End of Chapter 4.***
Sorry it's short. More to come.

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