The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


3. School.

I walk into school and everyone stares. They always do. It's because they know my scerets. They know I self-harmed, I straved myself, I attempted to kill myself. They know my family problems. They know my boyfriend is 18. They judge me for everything. I pull my sleeves down and keep my head up high. Ofcourse I haven't self-harmed for 6 1/2 months now. But they still bully me. They laugh at my Love sweater and my mini skirt. I dress how I want, They laugh. They laugh cause I pratice witchcraft, I'm vegitarian, I'm bisexual. They always judge. But I don't let the bother me.
Jassy and Jess are my bestfriends. They are dead look alike twin sisters. They're the same in everyway. Every detail the same. They both have grey eyes, Long pure black hair, tiny bodies and the same everywhere. Like me they pratice witchcraft and they get judged, Our lockers are right 3 in a row and everyday they all have notes saying "Freaks of nature" I sound like I dress like a preppy cheerleader with my mini skirts and such, I just love to look nice, I don't see why people can't dress like me and yet be so different. We laugh it off and hug. "I love your hair today Jenny!" It's just straightened, When I straighten it, It goes down to just below my breasts. I smile "thanks, I love yours too!" They both have nauturally straight butt length hair! Luckies.
We walk to our lockers and rip the notes down and toss em in the trash.
"So is Chase getting you today?" Jassy asks and giggles.
"ofcourse." I giggle back.
The three of us walk to homeroom and I pull out my phone under my desk.
"Good morning Baby - I can't get you after school today, Sorry I um. I got to go into work"
I frown and the twins notice it and turn around and whisper,
''Uh-Oh girl, What's up?"
"He's not getting me after school, He has work"
"Jennifer Simons. Please bring that phone up here"
Ugh. I get up and walk to the front of the class. The preppy girl in the glass has to trip me, I get up laugh and toss my phone on the teachers desk, Turn on my heel and walk back to my seat and sit down.
I roll my eyes and slouch back, Daydreaming.

~Jen's Dream~
Chase and I are sitting in our spot and it's raining, Of course of the rain can't get us cause the tree tops protect us. And we lay there on the mattress we have there and cuddled under the banklet, It's a warm nice rain and he sits up and picks me up and swings me and says "Jenny! I love you!" He falls with me ontop of him and we laugh and he starts to feel me.

I'm snapped out of the dream by the bell, I get up and The Twins and I walk to the libary together and I explain my dream. They giggle and tell me that It's coming. The day I loose my v-card is coming.
I tell them no, because I'm waiting for marriage.
We take our spots and I pull out my notepad and start doodling little hearts and stuff.

The rest of the day goes on and still the same, People pick on me and judge me and trip me, They push me into lockers and knocks my books out of my hands and laugh. I make it through and catch the bus home after I hug the twins. Of course When I got home mom was mad about my phone being taken.
I pull out the one Chase gaves me as a spare and text him.
"I'm coming over to the shop. I need some cheering up."

No reply.  I go to my closet, I pull our my flare botttum jeans and a hot pink long sleeve sweater, Because it's chilly out now and I put on the pair offlats that Chase gave me, Put a few curls in my hair, Grab the phone, Stuff in it my pocket, Put on some eyeliner and skip down the stairs. Grab my books and head to the door.
"Going to the Twins to study mom!" she nods and smiles "Kay dear."
I stash the books outside in the bushes where mom will never see them. And I make a break run for the shop. About a mile from the house.
When I walk through the door all the guys nod and say Hi to me, I nod and say hey back.
I walk into Jakes office. He's Chases boss, "Hey Jake where's Chase?"
Jake looks confused."Chase is off today sweetie, He hasn't been in today"
I'm not confused "But he said He got called in today" Jake shakes his head and I walk out slowly and stand outside and pull out the phone.
"Why did you lie to me? I'm at the Shop Chase and You haven't been in today. Why won't you answer my texts?? Are you okay?"

***End of Chapter 3.***

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