The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


8. Problems.

****Hey guys. I finally am back and writing again!<3 Soo Incase you're wanting a picture of 'Chase' Google Chace Crawford. Yummy***

I turn my attention to Lacie and She nods and I turn to Chase and slowly walk to him. ''She needs to go'' He says pointing to Lacie. ''Chase, she's my frien-'' He cuts me off by grabbing my wrists tightly, slightly causing pain. I jerk my wrists ''NOW Jen, We need to go.'' I struggle and  I turn to Lacie, She sees the look in my eyes and just nods ''I'll see you tomorrow girl, I got to get home and do some chores.'' She smiles and turns her back to us and jogs away. I turn my attention to Chase and he drags me towards his car. ''Chase what the hell is going on?" I struggle for him to let loose, The pain in my wrists become more intense."ow ow ow Chase you're hurting me'' Then he turns around and pushes me against the passanger door of his car and he tightly presses his lips on mine. He lets loose of my wrists and pushes them to my side. '' I'm sorry Jen. But I can't do this. I'm 18. I'm leaving for college soon". He looks down. "Jenny.. It's over. I'm sorry.'' He walks to his side of the car, Gets In and starts it up. I step away and watch him drive off.

***3 days later***

It's Monday morning. I look into my mirror and sigh.. My eyes are still red from crying all weekend.. I've had my phone on silent all weekend and haven't talked to anyone, Not even Lacie. I look at what I'm wearing and sigh again.. It's the black and red sweater 'HE' had gotten me.. I quickly take it off, Throwing it in the trash and grabbing the yellow long sleeves laying on the stand. I pull out a pair of long jeans and put on my converse and run the brush through my hair a few times, Pulling it up into a high ponytail. I grab my cellphone and school books and hold them closely against my chest as I walk down the stairs and out the front door.. Look's like I'm walking to school from now on. I sigh.
When I look up I see Lacie standing on my yard and she is wearing her hair in two braids with a low cut tank top and a skirt. She runs to me a hugs me tightly. ''Jenny, I'm so sorry I hope you're okay.'' I nod and smile weakly and we walk to school in silence.

When we walk in Jessy and Jassy are smirking along with Amanda. As I walk past Amanda says ''Looks like you're happiness is all gone now freak.'' I look at everyone around me and they're all staring.  I turn to Lacie... 'Is there something wrong? Everyone is looking at me.'' She looks me up and down. ''I see nothing, You look extra cute!" she gives me a reassuring smile and pulls me to my locker and stands there. I open my locker and put away my books, We walk to first period and sit down.

Half an hour into homeroom Amanda stands up and walks to the front of the class with her Iphone and usb connecter in hand, Ofcourse the teacher isn't in here as always, Amanda hooks up her phone and turns on the projecter screen and up on the screen I see Chase and a beautiful red headed girl making out. She pulls away from him and whispers ''What about your girlfriend chase.'' She looks at her with the same sexy smile he always gave me. "Don't worry beautiful, By this time tomorrow We'll be broken up.'' Then it happens.. The sex. They start doing 'it' right infront of me. Not really me, But I'm seeing this.

I grab my books and storm out of the classroom, Lacie following close behind me. "THAT LITTLE WHORE!" I scream down the hallway, I get infront of Amanda's locker and start kicking it and screaming. Soon enough Mr.Hallrite is behind me grabbing me. ''EFF HER EFF THIS SCHOOL!'' I'm kicking in screaming as he drags me to the office. The doors shut behind us and I seen Lacie out there watching and Mr.Hallrite sets me in the chair. "Jennifer WHAT is going on?''


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