The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


1. Jenny&Chase

- Dear Dairy - 4/27/13

Today I'm spending the day with Chase. We've been dating for excatly 6 months today! I can't believe how close he and I are now. I know my friends dont like me being with him because supposbly he has a bad record. But I mean this guy couldn't hurt a fly! I mean yeah my parent's don't know about us because I'm 15 and he's 18. DAD WOULD MURDER ME! anyways. I gotta go! Chase is picking me up in

2 hours for a date! Kiss Kiss~


I slam the book shut and slide it into my hiding spot (underneath my mattress) and run to my closet to find what to wear today. Since it's a warm day out I pull out my cut-off jean shorts with butterflies on it and a pink poka dotted tank top, I skip my way into the bathroom to grab a shower. I turn on the hot water and slip into the shower.

After my shower I wrap my hair into the towel, Dry off and quickly get

dressed. I walk into my room searching for my flipflops and slide them onto my feet. I pick up my hairdryer and plug it into the wall.
"Ouch!" It shocked me, Strange? I continue to dry my hair and as I finish I get my curling iron and straighter, I straigten my hair then put a few bouncey curls in it. I smile at my reflection. I love my breast long brown hair and my olive green eyes. I whip my hair over my shoulder, Grab my phone and plop down onto the bed and text Chase.
''Hey Chase! I can't wait to see you boo~ I'm all ready""
5 mintues pass- no reply- I shrug it off and walk downstairs where my mom is in the kitchen.
'Hi Honey, you look cute."
"Thanks mom - I'm going to the mall with Jassy and Jess."
Mom nods her head and smiles - It means ok.
I make my way to the park where Chase is to pick me up in 10 mintues.
I feel my phone go off in my bra and I pull it out knowing it'd be chase.
'Waiting for you babe"
My heart beats faster, As it always does when I know I get to see him. I job to the park to see his Rusty beat up chevy truck and I run up to it and peak into his driver window and scare him.
'GET IN" he laughs and opens the passanger door for me.
I jump into the seat next to him and smile. "Where to?" I ask.
He doesn't answer me. I mean sometimes he scares me because he's older and I've seen lots of movies and such.
He pulls up infront of JewelsPalace. The most expensive diner in FairBanks. I smile and he gets out and comes around and takes me by the hand and leads me inside. Inside was empty except this man, He was maybe 6'5, Two inches taller then Chase, Dirty Blonde hair and Hazel brown eyes. Excatly like chase."Hey uncle Henery, We're here." the guy comes up and stands infront of me. Me being only 5'4 I feel so tiny. He nods to me and smiles and turns to Chase "So I finally meet the young lady?" He gives me a creepy smile and leads us to be seated...
***End of Chap. 1.***

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