The Unexpected.

Young love always is good...Right?
It isn't good for 15 year old Jenny Simons. She thought she found the love of her life (18 year old Chase Evans) But is he everything she thought?


9. Depression Hits.

I got suspended from school for foul langague and kicking school property. Amanda for suspended for the video.. The same video that keeps playing in my mind over and over again. Chase cheated on me.. Those dreams.. were they telling me something? I sigh and look to my nightstand where there sits my razor.. I relapsed.. All because of the drama. Mom's away on a special case and I'm alone for three weeks. I've givin up on school. Mom had me transferred to homeschooling. She knows what happened between Chase and I. I look down at my wrist and tightly shut my eyes at the sight. Tears begin to stream down my face from the pain I've caused myself. I look up into the mirror. The tears hit harder as it is filled with pictures of Chase and I. I quickly get up and rip and tear each picture and I collapse on the floor. Everything spinning and black. Then it hits me. I suddenly black out.

***3 days later***

I can hear them talking..Nurses and Doctor's say ''She cut open the vein. She still is blacked out and hasn't come to yet'' I hear other voices, I don't know who they are.. Am I going to come to? I wonder to myself.. Who would care if  I didn't.. I don't have friends except Lacie.. My beautiful best friend.. I love the way she looks at me with her beautiful brown eyes and her cute little girl face. She is only 14 but in the same grade as me, She's skipped grades. She's so smart. I can feel doctors rush to my bedside and I hear them saying ''Her heart rate is speeding up'' I hear them trying to calm me down with sweet words and then silence.. I hear nothing. Not a single word.

***Another 3 days***
I slowly open my eyes, Sqiunting because of the lights. I hear that fimilar little british accent 'SHE'S COMING TOO!'' I look to my left and Lacie is there holding my hand screaming. My hearing goes out and all I see is her. She is smiling and saying something to me. But I hear nothing until swams of doctor's come in and rush her out. I open my mouth to speak but no one is listening.
''SHUT UP!'' I scream. Everyone gets dead silent and looks down at me. ''Where is Lacie? I'm fine, I want Lacie in here and no one else'' The nurses nod to eachother and walk out of the room and the doctor follows. Within minutes lacie is standing in the door way, Her being only 5'2 and so slim, She looked beautiful in her tye-day tanktop with her bell buttom jeans with pink flats. She walks over and sits by my bedside and hugs me. I hug her back. Never wanting to let go.

Two days later I arrive home. Mom is still on her case. I dial Lacie's number. and within two rings she answers. ''Lace, Come stay with me. It's spring break, I need a social life.'' ''Okay Jen, Be there in 30 minutes'' She clicks her phone shut and I stare at my house, Down the right I see Chase's house. A bright red mustang is pulled in his drive way. I shake my head and walk into my house.

***Yes, Keep in mind that Lacie and Jen are both bisexual! No hate on how Jen feels! <3 More to come.***


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