just a little diffrent

read to find out what its about


2. whats going on

we were on facetime last night and we were talking about puppys because we both love puppys he had to go because his mom was gonna get mad so we said good bye anaways one of my best friends kaylee was over and we were talking about who like and well i havent built up the guts to tell her about him like she knows hes my best guy friend but she dosent know how i feel about him i want to tell her and taylor at the same time because well they r both my bestfriends and of coruse they have crushes kayle likes ryan and taylor likes devon but back to what i was saying me and kaylee tell eachother everything so not telling her is killing me but i hve to for the sake of out friend ship ( she hates him) im sure she would understand but i dont wanna risk it because she is to important for me to lose and i would die with out her not to mention taylor hates him to so i would lose both my bestfriends and i woould never want that .

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