1. Chapter Uno

I slammed the door shut, furious and weeping."I HOPE YOU GO TO HELL TOO TINA!!!" I yelled. My mom, tina had been furious at me for leaving the house for five days straight, luckily she didn't call the cops. I ran down the large hill my house sat on, i tripped, knocking myself to the ground, tumbling all the way down the hill, when i felt sharp pain in my leg. I wanted to scream, but i couldn't because my Tina would come. I bit my lip to stop my muffled screams, and i stopped rolling and stood up for a few seconds, but i couldn't take the pain, and it made me fall in criss-cross form. I looked down, and there was a huge gash, probably from a sharp rock or stick that cut me. I shrieked at the sight."SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!!" I hated when Tina, I'd rather die than her helping me. Literally i couldn't take that, or she'd "win" so to speak. It had been about 45 minuets before i calmed down and tried to stand back up. I had a major headache, stuffed up throat and puffy eyes. Limping my way to my friend Derrick's house. He was the only best friend i have that's around where i live in. All my other friends are in different states. We moved at least three times before. I found my way out into a clearing, the bushes were trimmed, and there was a nice garden full of big sunflowers and daisy's that were full of color. That's when i saw a huge white house, with two giant pillars on each side. I knew this was Derrick's house. His father and mother were rich. I awed at the sight of this huge house, it was huge! I'm surprised I didn't see it through the trees! I walked up to the...let me find a word for this..."Mansion"! That's a good one, but a bit over exaggerated, because it's way smaller. I found the button for the door bell, and pressed it. I realized my cut was showing. Derrick's mom would freak! I tried to hide it under my capri's, but it didn't work. I just hope Derrick answers. I heard the bell tone inside echo through the giant house. It had a nice melody. One of those old ones, you hear in scary movies once someone rings a doorbell. I'd be freaked out if it wasn't my friends house. I heard someone walking to the thick white roman looking door, and i heard a lock being latched open too. Then the door creaked open. It was Derrick. Phew. I was safe."Derrick!" I screeched."Oh hey Ross. What happened to your leg?" He asked with a smooth tone.(He came up with a boy name for me)"Oh, nothing. I fell and cut it on a rock or something. Could i wash off?"I asked making a pathetic friendly puppy dog face."Ha, sure Ross do you have muddy shoes?"He laughed, already knowing what the answer was."Yup." I giggled, looking down on my mud filled, dirty and old black and white sneakers."Come in." He forgot about the hole thing. Something was up, i could tell that he was very upset under his funny, huge smile. I walked into a huge and spacey looking house. Everything was either beige, white, or would that look glazed. The temptation of making a "HELLOOOOOOO" echo was huge. But i know his mother hates that."The restroom is just down that hall to your right." He pointed as he closed the door behind me."The big bandages and the neosporin are in the cabinet above the mirror."  I limped my way over and thought, wow awkward friendship right? I giggled at my own little joke. Yeah, we do. I found my way to the bathroom, and i reached over to get the bandages. I wiped up they dry blood on my cut, and it started bleeding again, but it didn't hurt. I quickly poured the neosporin on the huge cut, it stung like hell."God! What the." I said and bit my lip cause the pain. I quickly bandaged it up and i washed my face because the dirt i had rolled in, and put my hand through my hair to straighten it out. When i walked into the kitchen after being called to come, i saw a huge texas toast BLT waiting for me. Derrick laughed over the drool dripping from my mouth."I havn't eaten real food in days!" I shreiked hugging my friend."Derrick! Come up here!" His mother called from the stair way. Did i mention that there is SEVERAL floors? It's like a freaking hotel."Coming mom!!!" He yelled back."Sit at the dining room table, i'll be right back." He said, running to the stairs. I hate those moments you are left alone in your friends house. I feel like someone is watching me, or there is a hidden camera. I tapped my fingers on the wooden table in a rhythmic tone. I felt so unsafe for a while. Until i heard footsteps approaching the kitchen."Derrick, what took you so long?" I asked. I scanned him. When i reached his face i saw a bruise forming around his eye."What's that from?" I stuttered,  thinking of the worst... That his mother was abusing him."nowhere. I accidentally hit mom's metal handeled laundry basket." He fidgeted, frowning. I sighed, knowing it was a lie. Now I saw his welled up tears about to slip, but he sucked him up before he thought I was looking at him."Ok. Do you want to come over? I know a shortcut to my house." I squeezed a slight smile. The silence lasted a while, which made me uncomfortable. Like when you can't answer a question in math class, and the teachers waiting for an answer. This sucks on top of everything. I had just found out that my dearest friend is being abused...
My mom called me upstairs. Great. I had hidden a slight sigh, and felt like i was going to throw up as i walked up the stairs. My mother was waiting for me. She was clenching and unclenching her fists by her sides. I sighed."What have i told you about friends over you idiot!" She said through her teeth. I ducked a fist that came at me. The other one hit me in the eye. I made the "Thhhhh" sound as I sucked the pain up."Go tell your friend to get the hell out of my house." She said. I don't understand why she was so angry all the time now. I cuffed my hand around my eye. When i walked into the kitchen, Rose said,"Derrick what took you so long?" I didn't answer."What's that from?" I could tell she was nervous. And so was I."I ran into my mom metal handeled laundry basket." I said. I wanted to face palm myself for that stupid idea. I almost started crying. But i couldn't."Ok. Do you want to come over?" Rose asked quietly. It took a while to decide. Well, my mother told me she wanted my friend out of the house. But she didn't say anything about me. I grinned deviously."Ok. Let's go." I made a funny face. Rose had finished her sandwich. Already."You are a fast eater my friend." I chuckled. We ran out the door, and for once, i felt free from all the stuff. Mom took it easy on me today, but what about tomorrow? I blurred the thoughts out of my head. I followed Rose, all the way up on the hill in the front yard of her house. I crashed to my knees, and sucked up fresh, cool air. This...was freedom. 

I know it's crappy. Tell me what you think, and i'll add a better chapter next, k? Hope you enjoyed!!!!:3~[Frankie] bye my peeps!!!:3 btw im adding way more people next chapter. Bia!!!!PEACE!!!!😘

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