2. Chapter Dos

Derrick's point of view•
I laid on the soft wet grass, full of morning dew. The sun was shining beautifully. This was the right time...the time to a- I got cut off from my nightmares."Hey! Derrick...Derrick...DERRICK!!!" I heard Rose say."Wha?" I mouthed. She laughed,"You in la la land?" She asked."Yeah. I need to tell you something." I said shakily. I closed my eyes for five minuets. Rose wasn't going to ask what. But I was delayed anyways. Then, I heard a low unrecognizable voice. I opened my eyes."Hi Rose." The person voiced."Jake. Go away." Rose said really shaky. This was her bully she talked about on other days. I know, because the way he sounded is the way I pictured him. My eyes twitched with anger, while me and Rose got up from the ground. She must of insulted him, Then, I heard a cry. He was punching her in the gut. And my face showed anger. I felt like I was going to punch he's teeth out."Anyone who hurts my friend, get's to fight with me." I shoved the boy to the ground in the middle of a punch, and trapped him. Then I knocked my fists on his face. In a punch, he had a bloody nose. I kept punching till he started REALLY sobbing. I knew Rose was knocked out, or she ran inside to get her mother. When my own hands got numb I stopped, and huffed out air I was holding in. I heard jake scream in pain, and running away by his other friends down the street who just sat and watched." Nice friends." I mumbled to myself, sarcasm in my voice. Rose wlled up to me."Thanks." She smiled weakly and fell to the ground. She wouldn't have called her mother. She was sitting there crying."Are you ok?" I asked. She shook her head."No." I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her up, she used my shoulder as a crutch. Ms.Smith, Rose's mother  was in the kitchen. As we walked in her mouth dropped."Sweetie! Are you ok! Who hurt you!" Ms.Smith must've saw the bruise on Rose's face and clenching her gut. She hugged her daughter, and I let go of Rose." She was riding my bike, and she fell off. Head first, and her gut got hurt by the handles her stomach bumped into." I said."Oh, that's got to hurt. Come, I'll get a wet towel for your eye, ok?" She smiled weakly. I felt so horrible like  there was a pit in my stomach.She limped away with her mother. I left after a bit, but I didn't go home. I couldn't. But I had to. I quickly and quietly, I opened the door and stepped in. I walked to the stairs, when in the corner of my eye, when I passed the kitchen, my mother was waiting. I dropped to the floor in terror as she walked slowly towards me. 
Sorry its short!!!!what ju think about derricks abusive mother?😆😖😖😖😏😏😏😏see what happens to him....NEXT CHAPTERRRRRR!!!! LATER!!!! PEACEEEEE!!!! Btw there will be more point of veiws. This one was mostly about derrick though...BIA.there lots of errors...oh well.-Frankie

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