why not

Harry styles. That boy from one direction. He has the perfect life. Always a girl on his arm. That all stops when he meets Sabrina Albry. A normal girl who he meets on his return to his home town. He feels a strong attraction to her from the beginning. He doesn't care about her trust issues. All he wants is for him to let him in. No matter how dangerous her past has been


6. This cannot be happening

I was having a nice dream. Youll never believe what it was about. Well, maybe you would. i may or may not have dreamt of Sabrina. Maybe. im Planning on going over to her house later. Considering i know where she lives now. Im not going to lie, i was really nervous. I kindof like her and im afraid ill act like an idiot. What am i saying! I have a girlfriend. A witch disguised as a blonde with catchy music. Oh well. i continue to lay still in my bed. This is the first time in months ive been able to rest and jut sit still. Throughout the whole tour, all ive been doing is going to recording lessons, voice warmups, dance practice, and shooting music videos. 

Its exhausting

eventually i find the will to pull myself out of that pillow filled heaven. i jump in the shower.


Once i get out, i dry my hair and pull on an ordinary outfit. im wearing some khakis ad a loose white tshirt. I grab my aviators and walk out of my bed room. 


My mom is waiting for me with breakfast. She has a plate full of Pancakes, bacon, eggs, and orange juice. 

"Mom, you didnt have to make all of this" i laughed at how much food she put out

"Yea but i wanted to. and you arent leaving until at least half of it is gone" she said

"God, it feels like im five again." 

"You bet"

i sat down and  to eat the cow sized breakfast my mom had cooked.

I have absolutely no idea how im going to finish all of this.

I scarf down the eggs and the bacon and i finish half of the pancakes. I take a swig of the orange juice to wash down my breakfast. 


My mom comes back in and cleans up my dishes. I give her a kiss on the cheek and walk out the door. 

on my walk towards her house, i started humming the lyrics to up all night. is it possible to get one of your own songs stuck in your head? I guess so. 

ii see her blue car parked outside the old white weathered house.

i look up at her house.

Wait......Is that smoke coming out of her window?

This cannot be happening

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