why not

Harry styles. That boy from one direction. He has the perfect life. Always a girl on his arm. That all stops when he meets Sabrina Albry. A normal girl who he meets on his return to his home town. He feels a strong attraction to her from the beginning. He doesn't care about her trust issues. All he wants is for him to let him in. No matter how dangerous her past has been


2. Return

I just left Paris. Im on a plane for Cheshire right now. Im excited to see my mom because she said she was gonna make some food for me. Possibly tacos. Oh well. oh God. another one. this dumb flight attendant is giving me "the look". please go away please go awayyy. dont talk to me. dont talk to me

"Hi can i get you anything!?" she said brightly

"Nothanks. please leave me to sleep" i said with a smile. this was the nicest thing i could have ssaid. i wasnt in the mood today. i juat got loads of hate mail from directionhaters. She may have been a nice fan. or just a girl looking for someone attractive. but i dont care. i just wanted to be left alone. 

i layed my seat back and drifted off. All i can think of is my old small town. the beautiful buildings and streets and lights. lets not mention how amazing the people are. People tend to be nicer when the town is smaller. As excitement washex over me, sleep overcome me. 

when i woke up, we were landing.  i gathered my things and headed off of the small plane. My mom was waiting with a WELCOME HOME HARRYBEAR sign. Oh my God.i walked over to her with a giant smile on my face. i hugged her. 

"Welcome home, babe" she says into my ear


Good to be home

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