why not

Harry styles. That boy from one direction. He has the perfect life. Always a girl on his arm. That all stops when he meets Sabrina Albry. A normal girl who he meets on his return to his home town. He feels a strong attraction to her from the beginning. He doesn't care about her trust issues. All he wants is for him to let him in. No matter how dangerous her past has been


8. Kayden

 She has been unconscious since we brought her in last night. She was bleeding severely because of how many burns she received. I havent left her side. Ive been texting Niall, telling him what happened. He told me that he wished her the most luck. I really hope she wakes up soon. Im really worried.


Thats when it happened.

her eyes  started to flutter. Her eyes flew open

"Kayden." She whispered

"Oh thank God youre ok!" i shouted and jumped out of.my seat. i ran up to her hospital bed and wrapped my arms aroud her shoulders

" Hey Harry"

"Ill talk to you after the doctors. ok ill be back"  i say and walk out of the room as the  doctors walk in.

I waited out in the hallway for a half and  when they finally called me back in.

when i walked in, She was sitting up on her bed. Her hair was pulled into a bun.

the doctors walked out. 

"They say youre the one who saved me. is that true?" She asked. i didnt answer. i just simply showed her my tender burned palms. 

"Oh my God. Thank you. I wouldnt be alive if it werent for you" She said

"Its no  problem Sabrina"

"But why isnt he here?"


"Kayden" she said

"Who?" i repeated

"Hes my boyfriend. Did anyone come to visit me?"

"Im sorry no" i said. Her face dropped

"Why was he not here for me? WHEN I ALMOST DIED? can i borrow your phone?" she said, tearing up a little.

"Um sure" i said. i handed her my phone. she dialed a number. after about a minute she started talking

"Hi kay. Yea im fine but why the hell didnt you come visit me? Oh sure you were busy. too busy too see your nearly dead girlfriend. what the hell ever. Were done. No i am not overreacting. Since the only person who cares about me is someone i meant yesterday!" She yelled and hung up the phone. tears  coming out. i dont say anything. i just simply stand up and hug her.



I know one thing for sure.


This guy  doesnt deserve to be with someone as amazing as Sabrina.




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