why not

Harry styles. That boy from one direction. He has the perfect life. Always a girl on his arm. That all stops when he meets Sabrina Albry. A normal girl who he meets on his return to his home town. He feels a strong attraction to her from the beginning. He doesn't care about her trust issues. All he wants is for him to let him in. No matter how dangerous her past has been


7. How can i help

The Bright orange flames began to engulf the house.  

I started running towards the place on fire. I  stopped infront of her house. I heard a faint shriek.

Oh My God shes in there!!!! I havr to get in there. i reach for the handle. The hot metal burns my hand. Thats no important now. I kick the door.  it wont open. i kick it again. It still remains shut. I step back on the porch a little. hopefully this works. I take a running start and slam my side into the door. The door finally flies open. 

I bolt into the house. Boards are falling from the ceiling everywhere. There wasnt one place that i looked that wasnt covered in fire. i saw a picture of a family. it hadnt been burned yet so i shoved it in my pocket.  

I ran through the house, searching for Sabrina. I had to find her. She cant die like this. 

I ran up the stairs to where i figured her room would be.

I happened to be correct. i ran into one of the rooms. 



There she was. Unconcious

She was laying on a matress underneath a burning plank of wood. She already had burns on her back. 

I quickly made my way over to her. 

I attempted to push the board off of her. The searing wood was burning my hands.

All of the sudden, a plank falls from the ceiling and lands on my back.

Pain tore through my body. My hands were numb from the burns and the plank was burning through the skin onmy back.

I shrugged off the board and pulled sabrina out of the charred mess. I yanked her up into my arms bridal styles and ran out of the burning house with her. 

i layed her on the cool grass and pulled out my phone. I immediately called 911 and told them what happened and they said they would send an ambulance



By the time they got there, the roof of the house was already caved in. They loaded her on a gurny.

i walked up to the guy driving the ambulance

"How can i help?" i asked

"Well you can get in the back with her but other than that we have everything under control" he replied and walked away.

I jumped in the back of the ambulance and sat next to the gurny. 

they were hooking her up to a machine.

While they were doing that i started running my fingers through her hair.

"Everything will be alright. Youll be ok" i whispered to her so no one else could hear me.

I was assuring myself more than i was her.

How could this happen

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