why not

Harry styles. That boy from one direction. He has the perfect life. Always a girl on his arm. That all stops when he meets Sabrina Albry. A normal girl who he meets on his return to his home town. He feels a strong attraction to her from the beginning. He doesn't care about her trust issues. All he wants is for him to let him in. No matter how dangerous her past has been


9. come with me

"Hey hey hey. Sabrina, im sure its not his fault. maybe you should give him another chance." i daid with her still sobbing in my shoulder.

"No. I will not give that low life another chance. and why should i? hes never here for me. He missed my dance recital. He missed my parents funeral. He missed my brothers birthday. and now he doesnt even visit me in the hospital when im just lucky to be alive. Hes always too busy. Too busy for me. It shouldve been him that pulled me out of that fire. If he cared enough it wouldve been him. But no  it was you. A really nice guy that i just met. you obviously care more than my no good ex boyfriend" she said. I was speechless. Apparently this guy is absolutely never there for her. A good boyfriend would care enough to show

"I was wrong. Stay away from him. He doesnt deserve someone like you, Sabrina. Just dont talk to him." i told her

She giggles "Ok harry. But ive got one problem."

"Yea what is it?"

"I dont have a house. Ive either got to move to Paris with my brother or get a hotel. But all my money was  burned too" she says

""Well thats no problem. You can come with me" i offer


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