Coffee Shops

After graduating from high school, three friends from a very small town travel to Europe together. They want to create some wonderful memories before they start college in the fall. As they get lost through the streets of London two of the friends run into a radio show host and he is the beginning of a change in all of the girls lives. As they miss home there is one thing that always makes them feel a little closer. Going to coffee shops.


3. The Secret Private Concert

Hannah’s POV

As we walked into the theater I could tell Dave wasn’t lying, it was very secret and private. There was almost no one here! We walked up to this man and he asked for our tickets. Anna handed them to him and he pointed us in the direction we needed to go. The man led us to the front row and told us these were our seats. “Can you believe it!” I told Anna, “We are in the front row and no one else is up here with us!” “I know!” she said as the lights went down. Then everyone was silent and the curtains started opening. Suddenly bright lights shown on the stage and there they were standing there. Everyone started screaming for them and I found myself screaming with them. They started singing Kiss You and it was amazing. As the concert went on they sang all the songs on their album, and the whole time I had this feeling. It seemed like Niall kept looking at Anna. Now I can’t believe it! I must be going crazy.

Anna’s POV

This concert is amazing! Now call me crazy but I think Harry is singing to Hannah. He keeps looking at her as he sings all of his motions are to her. I don’t know what to think! Soon they sang their last song, the curtains closed and they turned the lights on. Everyone started to get up to leave but then a man came out on stage and asked everyone to take a seat. “The boys have decided that they would like to meet with everyone. We will release everyone by rows to come meet them back stage so everyone will have to have a little patience. We will start with the back row and work our way forward, thank you everyone.” As soon as he left the stage everyone started getting excited and screaming. They started playing One Direction music over the speakers and the back row got up to go. I turned to look at Hannah. “We are going to meet them Hannah! This is like a dream come true!!!” “I know and by the way I totally think Niall was looking at you!” “No way call me crazy but I thought Harry was looking at you!” “I think we are both insane,” Hannah said laughing. “Ya probably,” I said as we started our long wait to see the boys. 

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