Coffee Shops

After graduating from high school, three friends from a very small town travel to Europe together. They want to create some wonderful memories before they start college in the fall. As they get lost through the streets of London two of the friends run into a radio show host and he is the beginning of a change in all of the girls lives. As they miss home there is one thing that always makes them feel a little closer. Going to coffee shops.


1. Off to Europe

Anna's POV

"I now give you the graduating class of 2013," announced our principal. I couldn't believe it, we were acutally done with high school. Done with classes, and done with routine. Now I all could concentrate on was our trip; me, Hannah, and Emily's trip to Europe. Not only could I not believe we actually got the money to go but that our parents would actually let us go by ourselves. After the whole debate they finally gave in. I still can't believe they are letting us go alone! Oh well now all I got to worry about is how we are going to manage finding our way around huge cities after growing up in a town of only 700. Oh boy!

Hannah's POV

"We are going to Europe!" I screamed as we got on the plane. "I mean we made it through all of school, now we are free and you know what we are doing with our freedom?" "Going to Europe Hannah," Emily said laughing, "We already went through this." I coudn't sit still in my seat, I mean Europe! I barley ever got out of our small town  growing up and now we are going out of the country. The most exciting thing though was going with Anna and Emily. We had been best friends since freshman year. I mean we were all friends before but we really got close. Now 4 years later we are traveling the world together, something we have all wanted to do.

Emily POV

As we got off the plane i was so tired! We had been on there for what seemed like forever and now with the time changes in London it was all throwing me off. Hannah called a cab and we drove to our hotel. I felt so tired I decided to just go to bed.


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