Coffee Shops

After graduating from high school, three friends from a very small town travel to Europe together. They want to create some wonderful memories before they start college in the fall. As they get lost through the streets of London two of the friends run into a radio show host and he is the beginning of a change in all of the girls lives. As they miss home there is one thing that always makes them feel a little closer. Going to coffee shops.


2. London's Streets

Anna’s POV

I woke up and I could already hear Hannah was up. “How long have you been up?” I asked her. “Not that long I just got up, once we get ready do you want to go get breakfast?” As soon as she said breakfast my stomach started to growl. “Yes, just let me get ready, do you think we should wake up Emily?” I said. “No we will be back in a little bit and we can leave her a note.”

Hannah’s POV

We put the note on the door and left to get food. “These streets are awesome,” I said to Anna, “This is just so amazing.” We kept walking and soon found a Starbucks. We went in and both ordered coffee and muffins. We sat and talked about what we wanted to do today. “I think we should keep walking around just exploring, and Emily wants to go shopping,” Anna said. “Ya, that sounds like a plan.” Right then Anna got a text from Emily, “just woke up…gotta get ready meet me outside hotel in 30 min??” Anna sent back ok and we got up and left taking our coffee with us. As we walked a man came up to us.

Anna’s POV

“Hello, my name is Dave Marks!” the man said to us. “Uhhh…hi,” I replied to him. “Oh, I love your American accent! Are you both here on a trip?” he asked us. “Ya, we graduated a couple of weeks ago and we all wanted to take a trip together before we had to start college this fall.” “Well isn’t that awesome!” he told us, “Now I must ask you, are you ladies fans of One Direction?” As soon as he said that name our faces lit up. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Hannah screamed. “We have loved them since the beginning,” I added. “Well I have something to tell you. I am the host of one of the largest local radio stations you see, and I got 2 tickets to their secret private concert this afternoon. I am supposed to find fans of them and I saw the back of your phone case you see *he points at Hannah’s phone case* and I knew you two girls would be great to give it to. Are you free this afternoon at noon, because I would love to give you both the tickets.” “Yes we are free!” I said excitedly, Hannah, Emily, and I have always wanted to go to one of their concerts and now we were getting the chance. “Thank you so much,” Hannah said as he gave us the tickets. “Now go to this theater, and I would hurry wouldn’t want to miss it!” “Thanks again,” I called back as we started running toward the theater.

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